Challenges Facing Moms Restarting their Careers

The days of a child coming home to an apron wearing Mum with home baked cookies in one hand and a tall glass of cold milk in the other are over. In today’s world Mums are having to restart, what are for some, long forgotten careers, just to make ends meet. Women are also having to become masters of the new buzz word, “multi tasking”. There are many challenges that face women re-entering the workforce or restarting their careers and as each decade that I have lived slips by these challenges seem to become more demanding and at times almost impossible to overcome.

In the fifties and sixties women stayed home and raised the children whilst providing the domestic bliss that was expected of the adult female of the home. In the seventies there was a shift in this thinking, more women were pursuing an education and career and divorce rates were on the up. This trend created the need for more women and mothers to restart their careers. As the eighties and nineties passed us by the number of women choosing to return to work soon after birth had increased dramatically, once again as a result of increased divorce rate, increased incidence of single parenting but mostly as a result of our economic climate and the need to posses nice things and live in a beautiful home. Now in the twenty first century many women only take maternity leave during the eighth month of their pregnancy, they return to work soon after delivery and they work full time positions as well as continuing to hold up the domestic home front for the family.

Women today need to be able to multi task like never before. With time management skills in place, most working Mums manage to run a home and family whilst working full time. The female domestic goddess has always been able to do several tasks at once whilst raising a family purely because they effectively manage their time, but to also carry out a full time career with the same level of enthusiasm and with little impact on the home front is something to be commended. Having employers who are sympathetic to the stresses placed on a mother, who are flexible in allowing for time off to deal with family issues without penalty, helps a working woman face the challenge of doing it all and doing it all well.

Women today are still forced to deal with a male dominated workforce and those who have families and partners to care for need to be recognized as the champions that they truly are. Restarting a career today involves many skills that may need refreshing. Resume writing, computer literacy and childcare are just a few of the obstacles facing today’s woman. Looking for childcare that is reliable and safe alone can take time, but it is time worth taking. You can work more efficiently when there are few concerns at home in your absence.
Many working women will get out of bed at 5am, make breakfast, pack lunches and baby bags. Drops the baby at the sitter and the kids at school and continues on to work, to then drop off the dry cleaning and pay some bills at lunch hour to then finish a day at work, before collecting the baby and the kids, going to the store, cooking dinner, bathing the baby, reading bedtime stories then doing the ironing whilst on the phone, after stopping only just long enough to eat a luke warm meal that was disrupted by the washing machine. Will then fall into bed and make passionate love to…STOP RIGHT THERE… many will fall into bed and sleep because the baby might wake and she has to be up again at 5am. Need I say anymore in order to discuss the challenges a woman reentering the workforce faces?