Challenges Facing Moms Restarting their Careers

Moms Restarting Their Careers Face Many Challenges

Many of us moms who stopped working or dropped out of college to raise our families have many challenges to face when going back into the workforce or going back to college.

The biggest challenge is just to start over or to begin a new kind of life. And we all come from different life scenarios. We could be a mom whose children all left the nest; a mom who just got a divorce; a mom and grandmother with a calling; a single parent who was never married; a married mom with children still at home and in school.

We all have aspirations and dreams and want to better ourselves, especially if we did once work at a great job or were once enrolled in college and had to drop out to raise our families. There is always that burning desire to someday go back out into the world and renew ourselves to be who we really are.

But there are great challenges awaiting our departure into the world of work, career, and college and the biggest is just to get back out there. We might have to change our whole lifestyle. Like get up earlier in the morning, dress more appropriately, and be on time for meetings or classes and back home on time to make supper and care for the family and children.

If we have children the biggest challenge is to coordinate work or school activities with the school activities of our children. We need to be home on time when the children get home or find a babysitter. We still need to get meals out on time and be there for our family.

If we are going back to college, we need to have time for studying. This may not be easy.
By the time we get home we are already tired from a day at classes, and now we have to make supper, eat with the family and by that time our brain has tuned out. There might not be much time left for studying. We may end up studying in between classes and early in the morning before heading back to classes.

We might also have to help the children with their homework, or take them to soccer practice or other school activities. How will we find time for our studies?

We also will need to get some recreational times in with our children and family and when will we have time for all this with studying. We might have to make sacrifices.

Another challenge is getting the money for college. How do we do this? Do we go in debt by taking out a college loan? Can our family handle this? Then there is the challenge of paying for the loan once school is finished.

Once finished with college there is the new challenge of finding a job.

It isn’t just challenging to get back out there in the career or college world. It is an education and career in itself.

The challenge is to be able to do it all and to do it all the way we dreamed of doing it, which might take a lifetime to complete.