Challenges Facing Moms Restarting their Careers

Years spent witnessing the wonder of the world through the eyes of your children is a priceless package of memories.

It is far from easy.

In fact most moms will tell you it’s the hardest job there is with the least amount of respect.

Eventually, there may come a time, perhaps when you kiss the baby on their first day of preschool or kindergarten, when you may take pause and think, “Now what?”

And that question, while simultaneously exciting and frightening, may lead you to consider to rejoin the outside world of work.

This proves exciting because while spending lovable hours with young minds is enlightening and infinitely entertaining, time spent with grown-ups may have been scarce. When thinking back to your BK (before kids) working life, it may have been challenging and rewarding in confidence and self-esteem points.

It would be wonderful (and scary) to have that again.

It is frightening because, where to start? Can I go back to my old job, old career field? Do I even want to?

If your answer is YES to any of these, then your transition back to the world of paychecks and personalities is waiting for you. Work out the details of child care, wardrobe and other items listed below.


If your answer to the questions is NO, then a new challenge presents itself. Do you need to update some skills to be marketable in your career field? Finding courses at community colleges and continuing education centers might be the bridge to prepare the way.

If you want to pursue a different career entirely, then starting with an idea, which gives way to a plan to achieve it, will be the road to take you there. Online career planning is available, as well as career counselors at local community colleges.

Regardless of your avenue of returning to the workforce, you likely have other issues to address before that first day back on the job.

Child care- of course, you knew this would have to be provided, and you likely know where to look (Grandma, friend, local or church center), but make sure you have back-up plans and calculate your earnings to day care expense to ensure your choice doesn’t eat up all your hard earned pay.

Resume- dust if off and spruce it up. You can find creative ways to show that you were working at skills like multi-tasking, teaching, managing, chauffeuring…. while child-rearing, focus on these talents and past experiences you have that dovetail with the career you want now. Online resume services and resources are great at helping with this.

Wardrobe- take stock of what you have that will still work, and is not outdated. Add some classic pieces, black pants and skirt or suit, comfortable pumps in your new post-kid size, white button-down blouse, neutral conservative sweater. And you can always add accessories to give personal style to your outfit. Have fun with feeling professional and feminine again!

Technology- if you have stayed current on computer applications needed for your field, and are equipped with the appropriate phone/messaging medium for your needs, you are ahead of the game. If not, find a high-schooler in the neighborhood who can bring you into 2008.

Lastly, confidence may be an issue.

It is for many mom’s when taking the plunge back into the career pool. Give yourself a break, and a pat on the back for many jobs well done. Not the least of which is helping to guide young minds to a life of productivity and creative endeavors.

What could possibly be harder than that? You CAN do anything.