Challenges Facing Moms Restarting their Careers

Mom’s have tough jobs, no matter what they do. Whether they are running a household or a business, they have much to keep straight and many challenges to overcome on a day-to-day basis.

Going back to work can be a huge challenge for a mom, particularly if they have multiple children or are going back after a number of years. It can be very important to identify the specific challenges and talk about how to address them in a way that will make the transition manageable. Here are a few of the challenges that a mom restarting her career may face.

Dealing with family schedules

A major challenge for a mom restarting her career is managing schedules. Whether it is getting out the door on time in the morning or working late at night, the work schedule will compete with the schedules of other people in the family. This may include the work schedule of a spouse as well as school schedules of kids, sports practices, music lessons, and family events. Families may need to make adjustments in terms of priorities as well as lay out a specific plan for getting everyone to where they need to go on a weekly basis.

Changed procedures and practices from when they were working

Another challenge that may face a mom restarting her career is changes in the job that she did before. Depending on whether she goes back to the same or a similar organization, the culture may have changed. There may be new policies, procedures, and practices that must be learned. In addition, technology and shifts in the industry may create additional learning curves, which can put stress on an already busy mom.

Shift in overall mindset

One other major challenge is the overall change in mindset for the mom. Before going back to work the already busy mom could focus on child and household issues. Going back to work requires the mom to now be in a work frame-of-mind in addition to still worrying about concerns at home. This can be a great strain on the mom, particularly if the two aspects overlap. It is important for the mom going back to work to find ways of maintaining boundaries between work and home so that mom is able to be effective in both places.

Regardless of how carefully life is planning, going back to work for a mom can be a major challenge. Before embarking on this endeavor, the busy mom should sit down with the family and make some plans so that conflicts and confusion can be avoided. In addition, the family should regularly re-convene to determine any adjustments or improvements to the flow of events. This will help the family to maintain a healthy flow and make mom’s transition a successful one.