Causes of Premature Labor

Expectant women are very delicate and care must be taken when dealing with them, there is so much at stake that any small thing can cause a woman to go into premature labor. Premature Labor is experienced at before 37 weeks of the pregnancy. Normally the normal range of full term pregnancy is between 37 weeks -40 weeks, babies born during this period are referred too as full term , whereas those born before the 37 weeks are called Premature. There are several factors that can cause premature labor, although some can be controlled others can not be controlled or avoided.

Premature babies face a higher risk of infection unlike those born at full term, such babies may face the risk of having breathing complications which at times can lead to death. The babies may also suffer lasting conditions like Cerebral Palsy, retardation, lung problems and many more. Recent Research studies have shown that premature babies may also be at a high risk of having conditions like Autism, high blood pressure , heart conditions, diabetes in their adulthood. Some of the causes that trigger premature labor are;

1. Rupture of the Membranes may cause premature labor, though this may not happen as a result of an external or internal force, it is something that can just happen and cause a woman to go into premature labor.

2. Infections that involve the Amniotic fluid may also cause a woman to experience premature labor. If the woman has an infection within her body and is not treated well this may also cause premature labor. There are some infections that the woman’s body will react too such cases can be like a Malaria Infection among others that will result into premature labor.

3. Sudden falls or accidents may also cause a woman to go into labor before birth time, this though doesn’t necessarily happen in many cases but it may be an external factor that can cause one to go into premature labor.

4. Health complications like Hypertension may cause a woman to experience premature labor, if there is an increase or decrease in the mother’s blood pressure this can trigger off premature labor.

Sometimes it is recommended by the medical doctor for a woman to be induced into labor if there are life threatening conditions to the mother and baby. Premature labor is unique in each case, it may be medically induced or is caused by external factors. When the sac that holds the baby breaks and the amniotic fluid is released this may cause the premature labor too.