Causes and Effects of the Dysfunctional Family

The rules or characteristics of dysfunction have changed over the past generations. A home without a father was automatically considered  a dysfunctional family during the decades of the fifties and sixties. Now we have many homes with more than one father, yet we still label that as a dysfunctional family. Can a family function and exist within this new dynamic?A broken home was labeled as a dysfunctional family. Certainly, a divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved and may leave lasting scars on the children, who may have felt a sense of abandonment and betrayal. The causes and effects of the dysfunctional families are far reaching. Neighborhoods, schools and friends of the dysfunctional families are greatly affected by this dynamic.

Contrary to  some popular beliefs,  it seems dysfunctional families do exist and even flourish in some cases. Pop singer, Elton John is a new  father.  In this case, there are two fathers in the same household. Is it possible this new found  family structure can function at the same level as a “normal ” family? If love, respect and caring are present, then this child may grow  up with  those very same positive traits as their  parents and pass on the characteristics of a functional loving family.

Dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional adults. For an example, children of alcoholics often have trust issues.  Children rely on their parents for encouragement,nurturing and physical elements as well, such as food and shelter. if any of these elements are missing,more than likely dysfunction may occur.

Consider this scenario, a child  attending two different schools within a years time and moving to different apartments or even states over a course of a year,may still develop into a contributing, productive  adult,even a President of the United States. Who could imagine a child coming from a broken home achieving such greatness.

Dysfunction may be defined in so many ways. The causes and effects of dysfunction  are also just as varied.  The older generation, often called dysfunction in a family a generational curse. Certain characteristics are deemed as hereditary. The gene pool can not be changed or altered. But we can adjust and develop ways of dealing with hardships that most families face at one point in time. 

We should no longer define dysfunction,lest we allow any dysfunction to define who we are and where we  are going in our future.