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Entertain and educate sick kids at home

October 20, 2017

No parent ever wants their kid to get sick. Colds and flu are no fun for the parent or the kid. A kid who is too sick to go anywhere, but not sick enough to sleep all day is bound to get bored. Avoid further misery on top of the illness by engaging your child […]

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Family Friendly Summer Activities that are Free

October 18, 2017

When summer break rolls around, it is time to start thinking about what to do with all of that free time. The good thing is that there are never a shortage of family friendly activities available. Most communities offer a wide range of things like sports, swimming and arts and craft classes.  There may not […]

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A Guide to where to Put Patches and Pins on the Brownie Girl Scout Uniform

October 15, 2017

So, your daughter is all signed up for Girl Scouts, but now you have to get the uniform together.  It is actually a lot easier and cheaper now than in the past as there used to be certain requirements for the type of shirt you had to wear, skirt, or socks.  Now, the girls mainly […]

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Low Cost Ideas to Fill your Kids Summer Days with Fun

October 13, 2017

Within all communities there are a great many opportunities for youngsters to be active throughout the summer at little or no expense. The ideas are simple, yet each offers an array of possibilities that will combine fun, education, socialization, and physical activity not to mention memories that will last a lifetime. Indoor Activities Sometimes the weather […]

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Fun activities for kids during the winter months

October 11, 2017

The best thing for a healthy active kid to do in daylight hours when there is no school is to get out and play. As long as we have not evolved into pure energy or pure mind beings, we are what our bodies say we are. And our bodies say that we are active beings […]

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