Car Window Sun Shades Car Shades for Rear Passengers

There’s almost nothing worse than the piercing sound of a screaming baby or toddler when you’re trying to navigate the car through rush hour traffic and the sun is beginning to set. Whether or not you’ve remembered your own “shades,” the ride will be virtually unbearable if the sun is glaring in the children’s eyes. Fortunately, several manufacturers offer different car window shades for babies.

First and foremost, when preparing to purchase car window shades, remember that when it comes to installing after market products in automobiles, the question becomes one of risk. In the various child safety seat classes I’ve attended over the years (the free and open to the public seminars led by local law enforcement), the instructors are typically quite emphatic that after market devices are not to be retrofitted to any vehicle or car seat. The rationale behind the recommendation is that such items have not been crash tested within each specific vehicle and my pose a hazard to the driver or passengers.

However, if your vehicle’s windows are not tinted or treated with the UV protection available on many newer model cars, sun shades for the second (and even third) row passengers is somewhat of a necessity from a skin and eyesight protection standpoint as well as the comfort and convenience of shading young eyes.

Unfortunately, the sun shades that affix to the inside of the car window with suction cups and can be raised and lowered like a traditional roller shade in your home, present quite a danger to passengers in the event of an accident. They can detach from the windows and strike passengers in the face and head, resulting in serious injury.

Luckily, there are various innovative sun shade products currently available that are not nearly as hazardous during a collision. The ideal shade will provide optimal shading for baby, the best visibility for the driver, and the utmost level of safety for every passenger in the vehicle. Consider the following:

Window SOX (
Developed in Perth, Australia, Window SOX fits over the door frame of the vehicle. The device protects the entire window and enables the window to be opened for ventilation without compromising protection from the sun. In addition, the fine mesh construction of Window SOX prevents insects from invading the car when the window is open – ideal for airing out a parked car. Window SOX comes in sizes to fit more than 500 different automobiles.

Sunshine Kids Cool Shade (
Wrapped around a foam core, the Sunshine Kids Cool Shade rolls onto any car window in seconds with no creases, for a smooth, wrinkle-free look. It provides year-round protection from the sun, and helps car windows filter both UVA and UVB rays for an overall lower car temperature. Static cling holds the removable and reusable shade to the window.

Shade Bunny (
Marketed as the only child car seat sun shade that blocks 100 percent of UV radiation, Shade Bunny is a device that actually attaches to the safety seat itself as opposed to the car window. It was adjustable sun flaps and a “flo-thru” ventilation system designed to ensure a cool, safe ride for little ones. In addition, Shade Bunny has undergone crash tests, fits most car seats, and is made from recycled materials. Shade Bunny’s web site offers a list of sunshade safety criteria to consider when purchasing shades for your vehicle.

Finally, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, there are several available with integrated rear sun shades. Models include, but are by no means limited to, Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Volkswagen Passat Wagon and Touareg, Honda Odyssey and Pilot, and Toyota Sienna.