Can parents raise positive children in a negative world?

Positive parents raise positive children. If you model an upbeat attitude about life and the world in front of your kids, that will go a long way toward insuring their own attitudes will be positive. Just being upbeat is not enough, however, as there are many components to having a positive attitude. You must also demonstrate kindness, compassion and sensitivity. You must teach your children that by behaving in a positive manner they can literally create a more positive world.

If you want children to have a positive outlook, you must nurture them in such a way as to encourage a positive self-image, for one cannot extend feelings outwardly that are not possessed within. Some concrete and practical ways to nurture your children physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to cultivate a good self image:


In all dealings with children, communication tops the list as the most necessary ingredient. Let your child know he has your full and constant acceptance of him. Show and verbalize approval and affection. If your child feels good about himself, he will feel good about everything else.

Give your time

Let your child know he is special by spending as much time with him as you are able to dedicate. Have fun with him reading, playing games and enjoying outdoor activities. When you show an interest in his life, you validate him and his self-image is enhanced.

Assign responsibilities

Making a contribution to the family in the form of assigned chores gives the child an opportunity to have a sense of accomplishment and value. Praise for a job well done gives the child a taste of success. Success breeds confidence.

Proper diet and exercise

Children need to eat properly and get adequate exercise in order to feel at their optimum health and well-being. We all get “down and negative” when we are not feeling and looking our best. This is true for children as well. A steady diet of fast foods and couch potato behavior will not result in a positive mental outlook. Insure your child will not join the ranks of “growing obesity in children today” statistics. Monitor a healthy diet and exercise regimen for your child and you will be rewarded with a physically fit, emotionally healthy youngster with a positive attitude toward life.

Spiritual nurturing

Nourish your child’s spirit in whatever style is appropriate for your own beliefs. Whether you go to church weekly, or just talk about the wonderful things life has to offer and the responsibility of giving back in kind, a child needs a moral compass. Faith is what will sustain him in negative times. Pointing out the positives in life will offset the all too visible negatives and instill hope for the future in your child. Hope is what keeps the balance.

With unconditional love and attention to nurturing a positive self image as your goal, you will have no problem raising a young person who will go out into the world with the ability to turn every negative into a positive.