Can parents raise children using two different parenting styles

Whilst parents may have different personalities and go about things in their own separate ways at times, it is essential that the parenting styles that are adopted are kept similar. Parenting methods should be the same to promote happy, healthy, well-balanced children.

Having both parents use the same parenting methods makes it easier for the children, as they know that both parents will expect the same of them. This means that a child cannot play one parent against the other to get their own way. Plus, there will be no outright favoritism to one parent. It is therefore imperative for a stable family unit to have parents that adopt similar parenting styles, and agree on the methods used to parent their children.

If parents are wildly different, and their styles and methods for raising their children differ greatly, it can cause unrest in the relationship. Not agreeing on parenting methods can cause riffs and family feuds, as the parents will feel like they are battling against each other. This isn’t a healthy way to raise children, as children need stability and security, and from this they learn to be stable and well-balanced individuals. Having parents working together can make home life easier, and less stressful.

If parents have different backgrounds and values, and were raised differently, then it is beneficial to come to a common ground and agree on the most effective parenting style and method that is best suited to their children. Both parents need to be equal, and share the responsibility of parenting to ensure that they feel like a solid family unit.

If one parent is soft in their approach, and the other is more aggressive in their parenting style, this will work against each other, as a child will instinctively go to the parent that will give them an easier time. This will put a strain on the parenting, and the children will gain the upper hand and have more control than the parents, as they will soon learn how to work it to their advantage.

Parenting is a difficult job that requires a lot of patience and energy, it is therefore better to focus that energy on working together as a team. Teamwork is always better in every given situation. It is better all round if parents can work together, and raise children in the same style, using similar methods to raise healthy, happy children that will appreciate both parents equally.