Can Miscarrying a Twin Affect the Surviving Baby

When pregnant, you will not know various things until you get an ultrasound. With ultrasound, you can learn the physical gender of the child that the mother is going to give birth to. Also, you will know if you are going to have one child or more. You could have twins or triplets. If you want children, having twins can be a blessing.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks on the mother’s health in regards to having twins. While having one child will put pressure on the female’s cervix, having two will increase the pressure. Because of that pressure, a mother that is expecting twins will have a higher change of suffering through a miscarriage than a mother that is expecting a single child.

Also, being pregnant with more than one child can cause abnormalities which contribute to having a miscarriage. The miscarriage could claim the life of one twin while sparing the life of the other. In that case, the mother goes through “Vanishing Twin Syndrome.” That is when one fetus dies and gets reabsorbed by the mother with little to no symptoms. However, this is usually during the first trimester into the mother’s pregnancy. If one child dies during the first trimester, it does not normally affect the development of the surviving child.

However, you have to be more fearful during the start of the second trimester. During the second and third trimesters of the mother’s pregnancy, the death of one twin will affect the surviving twin. In that case, the mother and the surviving baby have to been monitored for the rest of the pregnancy. This is because the pregnancy needs to continue for days or weeks.

If the second child is in danger because of the death of the first child, then the child may have to be born earlier. Luckily, the surviving child in such a case is born healthy. But, there is the rare chance the surviving child ends up with a brain condition.

Depending on what trimester the pregnant mother is in, the surviving twin may or may not be affected. In the miscarriage happens during the first trimester, the surviving child should be fine. However, the surviving child’s life can be put in danger if the miscarriage happens during the second or third trimester.

According to the website called “Raising Twins,” as twin pregnancies increase the chance of miscarriage, women over the age of thirty are at higher risk of going through Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

If you are pregnant with twins, seek immediate medical help if you are going through bleeding, cramping, and/or pelvic pain.