Can i Give Herpes to my Baby if I’m Pregnant

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. For most adults it is harmless and causes the occasional outbreak of sores. While more of an inconvenience then anything, it doesn’t cause damage to organs and it doesn’t kill. However, when it comes to passing it on to your baby, it can be a horrifying idea.

Can I give herpes to my baby if I’m pregnant?

Yes. This is the simplest answer. It is possible under the right circumstances to give herpes to your baby. However there is a lot more to it then just that. First of all, it is estimated that about 20-25% of pregnant women have herpes while the cases of herpes in babies is about 0.1% of all births. This means most mothers will not pass herpes on to their babies.

How, When, and Where.

Herpes can be passed onto the baby in two cases. The first is when a mother contracts herpes early on in her pregnancy. If she contracts it in the first trimester and has her very first outbreak then it is possible, though unusual for her to give herpes to her baby through the placenta. The second way to give a baby herpes is much more likely. It happens by shedding virus during a vaginal delivery. This usually happens when there are signs of sores on the cervix, vagina, or external genitals.

Things a Doctor Will Do.

Doctors are there to help prevent harmful things coming to you and your baby. There are several things that a doctor can do to help keep a baby safe when its mother has herpes. The first is to provide an antiviral after 36 weeks of pregnancy. This will help to prevent a breakout during delivery. The second will be to schedule a Cesarean section for any woman who has an outbreak during late pregnancy. This will eliminate the possibility of the baby coming in contact with the virus.

Talking to Your Doctor.

Because herpes is dangerous for babies and can cause permanent damage to organs and even death it is important that you communicate with your doctor. If you have ever been diagnosed with herpes it is best to tell your doctor right away. If you think you might have herpes or you have symptoms that might be herpes it is best that you talk with your doctor right away. An early diagnosis of herpes will help keep your baby safe. It is also important that you talk to your doctor about your condition and the options for keeping your baby safe.

Just because you have herpes doesn’t mean that you will pass it on to your baby. However, it is important to talk to your doctor, keep informed, and make decisions that are best for your baby. You can have a healthy and happy baby. Chances are pretty good you will even be able to have your baby vaginally without danger, but talking with your doctor is a must.