Can a Child be Adopted by Gays – No

Like the question “Should I jump off a cliff naked?” this question defies belief. How could even a rational, let alone a moral, human being ask this type of question and be taken seriously?

Let me put it this way: if everyone on earth suddenly decided it was a good idea to become gay, the entire human race would cease to exist in the space of about 100 years, because there would be no more babies. The logic of this is so straightforward and in your face that it is incomprehensible that so many people could miss it.  We cause the continuation of the human race by joining together as a male and a female. Nothing else works.

You could counter with the concept of artificial insemination or surrogate moms, but that is analogous to 2 different families with vehicles: one walks to the store, carries the groceries back to the neighbours car, and puts the groceries in the trunk. The neighbour then walks to the store, buys groceries, walks back and puts them in his neighbours trunk. Sure, you get the groceries out of your vehicle, but why not just use the car to go to the store? The whole idea is ludicrous. Why would people buy cars if they just stood in the garage the whole time? Why have male and female, built to fit into each other, and then not use this system,  that works so well?

Now if you give a child up for adoption to people that do not even have the common sense to figure out how the human race is propagated,  and have this twisted view of what is right and wrong, then they are going to produce twisted children. And it won’t be the poor child’s fault; the blame will rest squarely on the deluded parents. But the child will reap the dark psychological harvest .

A child growing up in an orphanage is a sad thing, but compared to being raised by homosexuals, it’s an incalculably better option. Some gays are aware that they are foolish. Some are in denial. But not one is mentally healthy. This is not an environment that you want to place a small, innocent child into.

Of course, children can be born into these kinds of environments as well. That is a sad fact of life. But what is being debated here is a willful endorsement of allowing children to be put into these untenable circumstances.

Over and above all this, it is a morally reprehensible act to place children into the care of people who have a morally bankrupt relationship.

May common sense prevail.