C Section Recovery Recover from a c Section c Sections and what to Expect Recovery from Surgery

Preparing for a C-section can seem like a daunting task. first you must overcome the shock of requiring surgery in lieu of the natural birth process. Add to that the discomfort of a C-section and you might feel very overwhelmed.

Having a C Section is major abdominal surgery. When you didn’t expect a C Section it can seem even more challenging. My first C-section was an emergency C-section after 30+ hours of labor. I was very unprepared and wished I had known more. I am not a veteran of 5 C-sections.

Your C Section Recovery will take some time. Plan to be in the hospital for 2 to 5 days depending on your personal recovery. Cherish this time in the hospital, because you will have someone to help you a bit more. If you are blessed enough to have help at home when you return home all the better.

After you are given anesthesia, you will have a catheter inserted into your urinary tract. You will not feel this procedure, but prepare yourself, once the catheter is removed plan to be sore. Forcing yourself to get up and walk to the bathroom can be a challenge but remember that each step you take will help you heal.

If you cough or sneeze grab a pillow and place it over your incision and hold it firmly. This will help ease the pain of your muscles where they were disturbed during surgery. Don’t worry, your recovery from your c section won’t take forever, it just seems like it at this point.

Take short walks around your hospital room as soon as you are allowed out of bed and as often as possible until you are released from the hospital. They don’t have to be long. Simply around the bed or to the bathroom is sufficient. Just get moving slowly. This will speed up your recovery.

Do not stand upright until you are able. Forcing yourself to stand upright after a C section will hurt your muscles and you will take longer to recover. Start out kind of hunched over like a little old lady. Slowly bring your body upright to a standing position. No sudden movements here. If you move too suddenly it will feel as if your abdominal cavity will rip open.

Set your eyes on an object ahead of you not on the floor. This will help your body to begin to be able to walk upright.

Take your pain medication as needed but do not over do it. Recovering from a C section can require different amounts of pain medication at different times or for different people. Remember, you are recovering from a C section. This is major abdominal surgery.

When your pain medication prescription runs out have some tylenol on hand for your pain.

Do not make any sudden moves. Turn the phone down low and put a note up by the door bell that you are recovering from surgery and ask people not to ring it. Sudden sounds can jolt you awake if you are resting and your natural instinct is to jump. This can be very painful and prolong recovery.

As soon as you are able to walk more (this can be a few weeks) put baby in a stroller and get moving. Start with a short walk perhaps just 1/2 block and work your way up. The exercise will help you to heal and babies love walks in strollers. This will begin to speed up your recovery. If it is winter you may try just walking around in the house more. I used to put my baby in the stroller and just push her around in the house. It familiarized her with the stroller and kept her near me wherever I went.

Expect your incision to be numb and itch. This is normal. Some numbness may remain throughout your life for others this does completely go away. Each person is different.

Following these guidelines will help you to recover and to be prepared should you have an emergency C-section. I wished I had known more when I had my first C-section. I learned through trial and error.