Bullying Bully Bullied

Your child has just come home from a new friend’s house that you do not know very well and your child is obviously shaken up about something.  You ask them what is wrong and what has happened to find out that your child’s new friend acts completely differently at their house than they do at yours. At your house they are nice and polite, but your child has painted you a whole new picture about who they are when they are at their house. You have talked to the other child’s parent or parent’s before letting your child go to their house and the other parent or parent’s has told you that your child is welcome at their house any time, so you know that they like your child and approve of your child spending time with their child. You can’t even begin to imagine what has taken place at their house where you are not there to witness it yourself and the picture that your child is painting makes you want to hold your child tight and never let them go out of your site again.  

After your child has calmed down from the tears and emotions, you ask them to tell you from the very beginning what exactly has happened. Your child tells you that the other child was putting their hands on your child in a forceful way that made your child hurt and the other child made your child chose between them and your child’s other friends that they have known for several years when they have only known the other child for a few weeks. These are all forms of bullying and they should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

If your child is being bullied there are several things you can do depending on where the bullying is taking place, and who you suspect is doing the bullying and whether or not you want to confront the bully yourself or have a third party confront them. If the bullying is taking place at one of your child’s friend’s houses, you tell your child that it is okay to come to you as the parent or grown up and let them know that you will handle it, or they can go to their school Teacher, Counselor, or Principal if the bullying is taking place at school and someone there needs to step in and investigate, if the bullying is taking place in your own home, you can talk to someone at school or even a law enforcement officer and have them look into what exactly is going on if you are not comfortable with talking to someone else in your own home.