Brownie girl scout badge activities

There are many different patches that your Brownie can earn while doing fun activities.  One of these patches is called the “Health Habits” Brownie Try-It badge. The activities associated with this patch all focus on how the girls can keep healthy. The Brownies must complete four out of the following six activities to earn the patch.

Doctors and nurses

The first activity that your Brownies may choose to complete is to find out more about health professionals in their area. Each girl should speak with a doctor, nurse or dentist to find out important information, like how often a child should go for checkups and what type of equipment is used in their office. They should also find out how kids can keep their bodies healthy. Lastly, they should ask about their job and what they like most. The girls should share their findings with each other.

Taking care of teeth

The next activity that the Brownies may choose to complete is to make sure that they are taking care of their teeth. An adult should explain how important it is for everyone to brush their teeth after each meal (or at least twice a day), floss everyday and visit their dentist regularly. The girls should then take home a chart for them to keep track of brushing their teeth every morning and night and also flossing each day. They should keep this chart for one week and then share it with their friends.

The importance of calcium

Another activity that the girls may choose to complete is to find out more about calcium. It should be explained to the Brownies how important calcium is for your bones and teeth. The girls should complete a word search that contains the name of different foods that have calcium in them such as: milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, spinach, tofu, fish, Bok Choy, turnip, shrimp, collard greens, etc.  The girls should also keep track of when they eat foods containing calcium for one week.


This next activity that the Brownies may choose to complete is to learn more about the dangers of smoking. An adult should explain how smoking or even being close to someone smoking can be very bad for both your heart and your lungs. Your Brownies can find more information in “Girl Scouts Against Smoking.” If any of your Brownies knows someone that smokes, they can try to encourage that person to help them complete some of the activities found in “Girl Scouts Against Smoking.”

Washing away germs

Your Brownies may choose to complete this next activity which focuses on the proper way to wash your hands. An adult should explain that germs are everywhere even though we cannot see them. They should also be told how important it is to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water; making sure to scrub between their fingers and under their fingernails. Explain that hands should be washed anytime the girls are touching food, setting a table, after going to the bathroom, coughing or sneezing. The girls should be taught a song that can be sung in about 20 seconds. You should then explain that they should sing that song while they are washing their hands. The girls will know that it is time to rinse the soap off when they finish the song. Remind the girls to use a paper towel to shut off the water when they are in a public restroom.


Feelings also play an important role in our health. In this next activity, the girls will play a game that focuses on feelings. First the Brownies should obtain 10 index cards on which they will write a different feeling on each of the cards. They may also draw a picture of the feeling above the word. Next, the girls should get together and take turns drawing a card. When they draw a card, they should tell about a time that they experienced that particular emotion. They should go around until the deck is finished. The girls may then shuffle the cards and play again.

After completing these activities, your Brownies will know more about keeping their bodies healthy and they will have a great new patch to add to their uniform.


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