Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Colors and Shapes

Girl Scouts will get to create wonderful masterpieces while earning a special patch called the “Colors and Shapes” Brownie Try-It Badge.  The girls must complete at least four of the following six activities in order to meet the requirements, but they may have so much fun that they will want to do all six!


The first option is for the Brownies to make their very own unique stamps using sponges.  Simply have the girls cut their sponge into any desired shape.  Then, place a little bit of paint in a shallow pan.  You may provide the girls with as many or few colors as desired.  Lastly, the girls will dip their new stamp into some paint and then gently press the stamp onto a piece of paper or anything they wish to decorate. 


The next activity that the Brownies may choose to complete is to make their own mobile.  The first step is to provide each girl with three or four straws and a needle and thread.  The needle should be threaded and a knot should be tied at the end of the string.  The straws should then be attached to each other by passing the needle through the middle of the straw, from top to bottom (not through the hole in the straw).  Draw the string through the straws and cut the needle from the thread while leaving about six inches or so of thread from which the mobile can be hung.  Next, the girls should cut out any shapes they desire out of cardboard.  The girls should then put a hole in each shape. Finally they will connect the shape to the mobile using a piece of thread attached from the hole in the shape to the chosen straw. 

Make Your Own Dough

Another optional project is for the girls to create their own dough that they can then use to create any object that they would like such as an animal, bowl, etc.  The first step is to make the dough.  One cup of salt, one cup of cornstarch, and one and a half cups of cornstarch should first be mixed together in a bowl.  One and a half cups of water should then be added to the mixture.  A couple more spoonfuls of water may be added if the dough seems too dry.  The dough is now ready to be shaped.

Weaving Paper

This next project that may be completed is to weave using strips of paper.  Each girl should be given two sheets of paper that are different colors.  The girls should then cut both sheets into even strips with the help of scissors and a ruler.  Next, at least eight strips of paper in one color should be placed directly next to each other and taped together at the top.  The Brownies are now ready to begin weaving.  They should start at the top and weave in and out using a strip of paper in the contrasting color.  The girls should continue weaving all of the strips and then should trim any excess from the sides when they are done.  Lastly, they will tape the edges and then turn over and admire their work.

Making colors

Your Brownies will have a lot of fun experimenting with different colors in this next activity.  Each girl should be provided with paint in the primary colors of yellow, blue and red.  They should have extra cups in which they can experiment with mixing the paint to make new colors.  You should show them how red and blue will make purple, yellow and red will make orange, and blue and yellow will make green.  They should also note that you will get brown if you mix all three primary colors.  You can then have the girls experiment with adding white and black to certain colors.  Let the girls create different colors by mixing their paints and then they will be ready to begin painting with their new colors on a provided piece of paper.


This last project involves using yarn as if it were paint.  The girls will begin with a piece of cardboard and a pencil.  The girls will outline a picture of either an animal or a flower.  Next, they will use glue to go over the outline that they drew.  They should then press on a piece of yarn.  Glue should then be place inside the outline.  The yarn should be pressed on spiraling from the outside to the inside. 

The girls will have a lot of fun giving free rein to their creativity while also earning a new patch for their uniform.


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