Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Brownie Girl Scout around the World

Your Brownie Girl Scout can earn many wonderful Try-It badges to adorn their vests.  One of these badges is called the “Around the World Try-It.”  The Brownies must complete at least four out of six suggested activities to earn the patch.  Completing these tasks will allow your Girl Scout to learn a little more about other cultures and people in the world.

 One suggested activity is to read the stories in a chapter entitled “People Near and Far” that can be found in the “Brownie Girl Scout Handbook”.  The chapter contains three stories of which each one is about a girl who is from either the country of Finland, Morocco, or Peru.  The girls should discuss what they have learned about these countries and then pick one activity from the handbook to complete.  The activities range from crafts to word searches to ethnic recipes.  You will be sure to find an activity that will interest your troop.

 Another possible option focuses on learning some geography.  You will need to obtain a globe or map of the world for this activity.  First, the girls should locate the United States on the map and then identify two countries that are far away and two countries that are close to the U.S.A.  Then the concept of the equator being like a belt around the middle of the Earth should be explained.  You should discuss that countries that live in close proximity to the equator will have hot climates, while countries that are farther from the equator and closer to the North and South Poles will have a much colder climate.  The girls will use this information to try and list ten countries with a cold climate and ten countries with a hot climate.

For girls that love reading books, you can bring in a selection of books that are written about either another country or a family that lives in another country.  The girls usually enjoy having story time together.  Another option is to have books available for the girls to read independently while waiting for everyone to arrive for the meeting.  The girls could even discuss the book they read with the rest of the troop.

The next activity involves making a deck of “global family cards.”  For this project the girls will be provided with old magazines and newspapers containing pictures of how people currently dress in different countries.  The girls will then cut out the pictures and glue each one on a separate index card with the name of the appropriate country written on the back.  The girls can then work together, with adult help if necessary, to create a game using their new deck of cards.

This next project requires a bit of work, but the end product will be enjoyed by all.  First, you will want to discuss that some foods may have been created in the U.S.A. while others originated in other countries.  You might discuss several different foods and find out where they originally came from.  The girls can then create their own troop cookbook containing recipes from their families.  Each girl should contribute at least one recipe from their family for which they have found out background information.  They should know who gave them the recipe and what country it came from. The leader may choose to distribute a copy of the cookbook to each of the girls.

Lastly, the girls may choose to learn a new game called tapatan.  This game is from the Philippines and is very similar to our game of tic-tac-toe.  The Try-It handbook will have the rules for the game and a diagram of how to draw the grid you need to play.  The girls will have fun creating the game and then being able to actually play the game with each other.

The Brownies can vote to choose which of the six activities that they want to do to earn the patch.  It would be best to let the girls make this decision in advance to give the leader time to coordinate obtaining all of the necessary supplies.  Your Girl Scouts will learn and also have a lot of fun earning this patch.


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