Breastfeeding Positioning

When breastfeeding your baby it is very important to ensure that they are in the correct position. There are many reasons as to why this is important and also many ways in which you can find out what exactly the best positions are for your nursing infant.

* Ability to get milk.
If your baby is not in the correct position whilst feeding they can struggle to get enough milk. A baby has to be positioned correctly so that they are able to work the breast to it’s full potential which then enables them to stimulate the milk flow. If your baby is not positioned in the right way then they can struggle to do this which can mean that your baby may need to feed for longer to get the quantity of milk that they require.

* Painful nipples.
If your baby doesn’t have a good latch then this can lead to your nipples becoming extremely sore. If the nipple is not positioned in the baby’s mouth correctly then it can become squashed against the roof of the baby’s mouth which is hard and this can lead to your nipple becoming an odd shape and then leading to very painful blisters. If you find feeding painful then this may make feeds a tense time which can affect your baby as they can pick up on your tension. Painful nipples are very often the first sign that your baby is not in the right position.

* Comfort.
When a baby is positioned in a good way for feeding they are at their most comfortable. If the position is correct then the baby will find it easy to work the breast to get their milk and they will feel relaxed. A relaxed feeding time can mean that your baby is more settled and it is a more enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

* Wind.
Babies can easily develop wind and if they are struggling to feed because they are not latched onto the breast properly then they can end up taking in more air which can give them wind. Wind in a baby is very uncomfortable, it can make them extremely irritable and there is little that you can do to be able to comfort them. If a baby is positioned correctly on the breast then the build up of wind is lower.

If you are concerned about how your baby is positioned whilst feeding there are lots of places you can seek support. There are local breastfeeding support groups which will give you advice and demonstrations on how to position your baby. There are also some charity organisations that have lactation consultants who will be able to offer advice. As well as this there are videos, photographs and forums on-line that can be extremely beneficial. The information is out there and it can really help you, if you are able to get the positioning correct for your baby whilst it feeds then there are lots of benefits to it.