Breastfeeding Food

After having been pregnant for up to 9 months you are probably eager to begin eating whatever you like once again, however, if you are breastfeeding you do have to be conscious of what foods you are consuming and how they may affect your baby. There are some food stuffs that you do need to avoid whilst you are breastfeeding. Below are some of these items and the reasons why.

* Caffeine. 
Caffeine should be avoided when you are breastfeeding as it is a stimulant and it can have this effect upon your baby. It can also make you feel dehydrated too. Caffeine quantities are very high in coffee and tea but there are decaffeinated alternatives available which you should swap too whilst you are breastfeeding.

* Alcohol.
There is lots of different advice about how much alcohol is okay to consume whilst breastfeeding and people will give you different opinions. It is not advised to drink alcohol at all whilst feeding your baby and you are encouraged to express off any milk which may be contaminated. If you do find yourself having a drink then it is important to limit what you have and to follow guidelines. Alcohol can get into your milk supply (usually within 30 minutes) and so your baby will take it in.

* Spices.
You can eat spices whilst breastfeeding but they can have an adverse effect on your baby’s tummy. Very spicy food can then lead to a very unpleasant nappy experience for you as your baby’s tummy is not used to it. You do not have to avoid spicy food all the time whilst breastfeeding, you could try introducing it into your diet slowly so only having very small amounts at first and then gradually build it up so that your baby can adjust.

* Rich foods.
Rich foods such as tomato based products and orange juice can have very similar effects to spices. A baby’s tummy is very sensitive and so rich foods can easily upset them which can lead to unpleasant nappies and tummy ache. Introduce these rich foods gradually to your diet so that your baby will be able to adjust to them.

It is important to remember that food and drink will find their various ingredients making their way to your milk supply and into your baby so it can have an impact upon their tummies as they try to digest it. You are able to eat a much more varied diet than you can whilst pregnant but it is important to remember the foods that you should avoid or only consume in small amounts.