Breastfeeding Celebrities

The popularity of breastfeeding is something that comes and goes out of fashion. One factor that influences its rise and fall in popularity is the attitudes of celebrities towards breastfeeding. When new mothers see their idols publicly breastfeeding and showing their support to other mothers who choose to do so, many new moms are more likely considering choosing this method of feeding their baby themselves. Yet, who are the celebrity moms who have recently chosen to breastfeed their babies?


This singer is a style icon to many women as they aspire to have her fashion sense and admire her figure. Following the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyonce choose to breastfeed the infant. Furthermore, she also breastfed her daughter in public making other mothers feel more confident in following her example and feeling free to breastfeed publicly.


Pink, whose real name is Carrie, opted to breastfeed her daughter, Willow and also did so publicly. The singer believes that breastfeeding is healthy, natural and a comfort to her baby. She has openly spoken about her breastfeeding experiences in a number of interviews.

Miranda Kerr

The actress breastfed her baby son, Flynn, for over a year and intends to continue for as long as she is able and Flynn wishes to do so. She had the little boy with her husband, Orlando Bloom, in January 2011. The fact that her son now has teeth hasn’t put Miranda off breastfeeding, although it has made her consider the length of time that she intends to do so.

Selma Blair

Selma has been a single mom to her baby, Arthur, since separating form her ex-partner, Jason Bleick. Arthur was born in July 2011 and Selma decided straight away that she wanted to breastfeed. She has expressed the opinion that it is her decision and she doesn’t care what other think about this choice.

Alanis Morrisette

The singer/ song-writer Alanis Morrisette and her husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway, a rapper, decided that they would breastfeed their son, Ever. The decision was an important one for Alanis as she believed that breastfeeding is essential for her son’s development and will prevent the necessity for therapy when he is older.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff and her hockey player husband, Mike Comrie, chose to breastfeed their son, Luca Cruz as they felt that it was an important part of the bonding process. Hilary has also admitted that she initially had some difficulties in breastfeeding.