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Childbirth and child care have changed dramatically in the past thirty years.  According to most mothers in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, breastfeeding was not practiced often, as mothers and their babies were required to be separated as mothers worked, took care of their homes, husbands and other siblings.  Bottles filled with formula were highly promoted and the benefits of breast milk were under researched. 

Today women want the best nutrition and health benefits for their developing infant, and breast milk is the most healthy and natural way to feed your baby.  Breast milk comes in as a yellowish thick liquid called colostrum and then thins, There are not many private public places other than restrooms, which are often unclean and unsanitary.  It is also an inconvenience to take up a stall when there are other patrons that wish to make use of the facilities. 

Mothers should be able to feed their babies anywhere that they feel comfortable.  Women are so oppressed in this country, it is not surprising that public nursing is not more common.  Times are changing and as we become more tuned into the energy, food, and humanity of our social networks and planet, we will be more accepting of the basic human connection, and maternal love that women feel for their children.

Some tips for breast feeding mothers:  when you are out, be ready with a shawl or baby blanket to drape over your nursing baby if she will allow it during her feeding, bring breast pads that slip into a bra to soak up all extra milk that may leak onto your shirt. You will also learn that comfortable loose fitting tops or dresses are best for easy access to baby and unconstricted  flow of milk.  

Have a snack or bottle of juice handy to enjoy before or during your nursing to keep your blood sugar levels up.  Avoid getting too hungry or too hot while out with baby as this can cause dizziness, due to dehydration or low blood sugar.  Choose a calm semi private area where you can relax and enjoy feeding your baby.  Feedings should last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, and usually end with the baby fast asleep in your arms.  Contact parenting is a generally modern practice, and encourages both parents to be in physical contact with the baby as often as possible to instill a feeling of security and safety in your baby.