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Having a baby is the greatest gift in the world. There are many baby products out there and if you’re a new parent, you’re probably wondering what products are the best and why. Choosing baby bottles can be a mind numbing event with all the different types and brands. It is a good idea to do a little research on the different bottles and see what other moms out there think is the best. Here are a few ideas when shopping for baby bottles.

Price does matter: You would think that price does not matter, but it does. When shopping for baby products there are many out there that our recommend and that is important to pay attention to. Cheap baby bottles are usually cheap because they are not the best, they leak and may not be BPA free. It is worth spending the money on brand name, a bit more expensive bottles. They last longer and most are designed to reduce fussiness and gas.

BPA free bottles: It is very important to choose bottles that are BPA free. BPA or bishenol A is a chemical that has been used in plastics, such as baby bottles since the 1960s. The chemical can seep into the baby’s formula or breast milk through cracks in the bottles. There is some concern over the affects BPA can have on infants and children. Most bottles today are BPA free, but it is important to make sure that they are by doing some research, some of the cheaper bottles are not BPA free. Or you can use glass baby bottles if you are nervous to use plastic baby bottles.

Breast feed or formula feed baby: This does matter when choosing baby bottles. You need to choose bottles that are good for breast feeding as well as formula feeding. If your baby is going to be or is formula fed then most of the brand name bottles out there will be good for your baby. If your baby is breast fed then the type of bottle you use is important. Your nipples and bottle nipples are very different, so choosing a bottle nipple that is closest to the breast is key to ensure that there will not be any problems switching from bottle to breast, especially if you are going back to work and want to continue to breast feed. 

Most bottle brands have a newborn starter kit that has about five bottles in it with a couple extra nipples and those nipples are the slow flow or newborn nipples. They give you every thing you need in one box. Some good brands of bottles are Philips Avent, these bottles are specially designed for nursing mothers and come with a whole line of bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, and a microwave sterilizer. They are also designed to reduce fussiness and gas. Dr. Brown’s baby bottles help reduce feeding problems and colic. Also Tommee Tippee bottles are good for breast fed babies and come with a long line of products. Whatever bottles you decide to use, make sure they are right for your baby. Happy bottle hunting!