Book Reviews Top 100 Purees by Annabel Karmel

Weaning your baby can be an exciting time for a parent as it is a new stage for your child. You will get to know about the foods that your baby does or does not like and enjoy watching them making a mess and having fun with food. However, some parents struggle to find inspiration for interesting purees that fulfil the criteria for when weaning; flavor, texture, nutrition and variety. Buying ‘Top 100 Purees’ by Annabel Karmel can be a big help in finding some great ideas for new and interesting purees for your baby. Here is some information about both the book and the author, plus an overview of some of the reviews that real parents have given.

Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel is a mother of three and a book author. Her career began following the tragic death of her first child, which inspired her to study diet and nutrition. Determined to give her second child the best start in life, she used her knowledge to create healthy and nutritious meals for her child. She wrote her first book, ‘The Complete Toddler and Baby Meal Planner’ in 1991. Since her first publication, she has had a further thirteen books published, written food guides and regularly contributes to national newspapers. Furthermore, Annabel Karmel has made many television and radio appearances. In 2006 she was awarded the MBE in recognition of her contribution and work in children’s nutrition.

Top 100 Purees

This book is aimed at parents of toddlers and babies who want to make their child’s diet fun, interesting, nutritious and healthy. The book also gives guidance for parents who have limited time and budgets in making sure that they can create fantastic meals for their child quickly and cheaply. The book consists of a total of 100 recipes (as the title suggests). There are suggestions for every meal time, including snacks, and each has additional information and helpful hints.


There are many reviews available for this book with a large number found on Amazon. Most people have written positive reviews about this book and are pleased with their purchase. Parents who have used this book have said that they have found the book helpful and that the recipes are varied, interesting and simple to create. However, one negative comment made by several people from the US that have bought the book is that some of the recipes do not adhere to AAP guidelines. As guidelines differ from one country to the other, this is a comment that is specific to US consumers, although one that is relevant and worth taking note of.

If you are looking for some inspiration to help you through the weaning process, the ‘Top 100 Purees’ by Annabel Karmel is a fantastic purchase to make. Not only will it give you excellent ideas for purees for your baby, but it will also provide you with helpful hints and nutritional information about the recipes given. The only negative aspect to the book is that it does not always adhere to AAP weaning guidelines.