Blog Reviews Thekidshouldseethiscom is an interesting blog for kids and parents that combines education and fun in the form of videos a lot of children wouldn’t usually see.

The concept of the blog is to open up video content to kids which is not actually aimed at them. To quickly allay any fears, the site is 100% kid friendly. None of the content will contain material which kids should never see, only videos which open their minds to new and exciting things about the world they live in. As with all young children and the internet, there should be a parent alongside at all times. This prevents kids, even on a safe site like this, seeing things which a parent knows would upset them – all kids reacting differently and at different ages.

The blog was set up and is run by Rion Nakaya and she watches the videos she posts with her two children. Being two and five – at time of writing – this gives an excellent idea of just how child friendly these videos are. Rion is a design strategist at Social Print Studio and has a strong design background. It is not surprising to find that the design and usability of her blog is excellent; easy to use, navigate and search.

TKSST has been mentioned on TinyBop and GeekDad amongst other child-oriented websites and has plenty of exposure across the web as Rion is very active on social media and interaction sites. In fact, her Twitter account is an excellent source for fascinating videos; just scroll through the feed for wonders such as a frozen 500 year old Incan girl and Shake a Tail Feather by Ray Stevens.

Although it took a few seconds to bring up the blog page, the site is surprisingly fast to load for one which is so image/video heavy. There is an About section where Rion explains the philosophy of the site – that kids should be able to see these not-made-for-kids but kid suitable videos – and how the idea came to being.

Rion had been trying to find a scatting (jazz music) video to show her son and came across an Ella Fitzgerald video. Her son loved it and Rion got the notion that other children might too, but never got the opportunity because it simply wasn’t a video designed to be seen by children and wouldn’t come up in child-oriented searches. She bought the url and thus the video collection began.

The blog covers just about every subject. Look at the top bar of the page and there is a list including, science, technology, animation, food, music and much more. A small example of the selection available can be seen by clicking on any of the tabs, and be prepared to get lost in the acres of videos. Choosing Animals, at random, it showed there were 219 tagged posts beginning with alligator biscuits, smiling baby stingrays and a machine that teaches how cows eat and move it out the other end!

Art is a very personal thing, but the videos under the Art tab are wide ranging and give kids and excellent idea of what art can be. Kinetic sculptures, dust painting and exquisite robots made from recycled televisions and computers are just the beginning. Music is great for making people feel good, and kids are especially moved by it. Who could resist Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow, a Night Stroll in Japan or a pop-up orchestra performing on a plane?

Gather up the kids, settle down and dive in; is an experience not to be missed