Beyond Babysitting Money Earning Tips for Preteens or Teens not Eligible Real

Money-earning tips for teens, and preteens should include appropriate warnings to protect the unsuspecting from the ever-present dangers of dealing with strangers. They can benefit in many ways by learning to earn their own money, and with minimal supervision can find their first entrepreneurial success.

As a preteen years ago, I earned money by doing yard work within the neighborhood. Several neighbors regularly let me mow their grass, trim trees and bushes, and weed their flowerbeds. Not every preteen is well suited for the same jobs, but can learn from the principle that is required in order to find any job. My neighbors knew that I wanted to work because, in essence, I advertised by asking for the work in the first place. No one will offer you any type of job if they have no idea that you are interested, regardless of age.

Every neighborhood has small job opportunities. Let’s explore a few of them! All items suggested should be with the knowledge, and approval of the parents of any youngsters who consider them.

* Get a couple of friends to help you have a neighborhood car wash on a Saturday. Leave a flyer on each neighbor’s door the day before, and be sure to have the needed car-washing things on hand. Surely, a few will become your customers, and do a good job.

* Become the neighborhood “Rent-a-kid” by making a list of things that you can do in the way of chores around a house, inside and outside. Those neighbors that you know who are trustworthy might be happy to pay you do odd jobs for them if they know that you are “for rent”.

* If your home is on a busy street, an old-fashioned lemonade stand can be an interesting Saturday afternoon treat for your neighbors. Just make sure that your parents are involved for the sake of safety, and cleanliness is a must. Drinks other than lemonade might be substituted.

* Beyond babysitting, some neighbors might have a “shut in”, an older person needing visitors, or children who could benefit from tutoring, or other types of interaction with someone. The best opportunities for most small jobs will be found among the neighbors, relatives, and friends, so make sure that your desire to do something besides laze around is known.

Parents should nurture, and assist their children’s efforts to earn their own money by helping behind the scenes. Any success enjoyed by your children will be enhanced by their perception that “they did it” without your help. The long term value to the child cannot be quantified, but you can be sure that they benefit far beyond the benefit of what a few dollars can buy! The lesson of taking the initiative to achieve something, and having success can help shape a lifetime.