Best Ways to have Fun with your Kids for Free

Life is expensive and so is raising kids, but there are some things you can do that will help you spend time with your kids and still not empty your wallet.

The first thing to do is watch what your kids do to have fun and build on that. Do they like indoor activities? Board games might maximize your family fun, and computer or video games played as a family can be great fun as well.

There are a lot of things that can be done for free with your kids, although some of them require using things that are already on hand. Some of these ideas include making cookies or brownies with your kids, reading to your kids, or if your children are old enough, reading to each other.

For outdoor fun, create scavenger hunts for your kids, to get them involved in enjoying being outside. As a variation on this theme, help your kids create their own scavenger hunts, maybe the girls for the boys and vice versa or the older siblings for the younger ones.

To expand on the fun of being outside, go to a park. Let your kids play on the outdoor toys and even play with them.

Start a garden and let your kids help with it. This will both provide a fun family activity and also let them learn about plants, how things grow, and, whether it’s a flower garden or a food garden, your kids and you will be able to enjoy the bounty of the garden.

If climate or other things keep you inside, there are more indoor activities that can provide family fun as well.

Try printing out some coloring and activity sheets on your computer. Make a game of the different ways each family member colors the same paper.

Go to the library and get some audio books for your kids to listen to or better yet, for your entire family to listen to.

Play Charades.

Listen to music together.

Sing songs.

Learn to play a musical instrument.

Make sock or paper bag puppets.

Watch family movies together. Ask your kids what they think about the movies. Tell them what you thought about the movies, too.

Build a fort in the living room.

Make homemade ice cream.

Make hats out of newspaper and write a skit or short play. Have a get together and put it on for the family.

There are more things you can do for family fun with your kids, but these ideas should spark your imagination.