Best Treatments for Diaper Rash

 Diaper rash can be troublesome for parents and painful for babies. It is seen mainly in newborns – 12 months but can occur in all diaper wearers. The main reason a rash develops is due to irritation of the diaper covered region.

When irritation usually occurs: 

Babies soft skin is in contact with stool and urine for prolonged time or there is an allergic reaction to wipes, diaper material or petroleum.

Then superimposed fungal infection worsens the rash ( fungus is usually from the stool) and this will be about the time that a parent decides to see the doctor.

So following these few tips can help to greatly reduce the development of diaper rash, or prevent a bad infection from occurring.

Minimize contact with stool/urine

Use white petroleum jelly liberally in the diaper region i.e from under the umbilicus(belly button) on outer genitalia and both cheeks of buttocks, after every  bath and change of diaper. NB. white petroleum since the unrefined petroleum jelly can itself cause a rash.

Change diaper after or before each feed

If change before feeds possible that may have to change shortly after feed since there is what is called the gastro-colic reflex simply means “when a baby takes in they put out” thus use more pampers however changing before feeds makes your baby comfortable and thus they feed better.

Wipe diaper area with warm water or wipes before replacing pamper even after only urine.

If there is a mild rash or redness appearing then continue as before but more frequently than normal i.e as soon as pamper is wet, remove, wipe with water and cotton/soft cloth replace clean dry diaper.

In the event that there is loss of patches of skin (raw areas) already do not panic simply gently wash area as above pat dry and then use Beaten Egg White on the area and fan dry then place dry clean diaper and vigilantly repeat this each time diaper is wet/soiled for about 24 hours (store beaten egg white in refrigerator for reapplication) .The following day the raw areas should be dry looking. Now use petroleum liberally and continue to be diligent in changing diapers.

Consider when the rash started if you had started a new brand of diaper, wipes, soap or even petroleum jelly if so then stop it and try to find the previous brand that was used.

If nothing helps and the rash gets worse then it most likely has become infected either fungal or bacterial and will require the application of either anti-fungal/antibacterial cream or combination so you should visit your pediatrician/child’s doctor for further treatment and advice.

Continue to keep your baby dry and happy. A happy baby makes a happy family life.