Best Part Time Jobs for Teens

The best part-time jobs for teens are not in a large selection, they pretty much circulate in the small matter of the area, you can’t get very far in jobs if you are a teen, but if you’re smart and willing to work you may get a good amount of cash on your hands whether it’s for college or just for spending.

If you are in the age range of 13-17, you’re limited on what you can do because it’s not legal to work at those ages for ‘real’ jobs. I’m thinking that you will need more help finding jobs before you’re 18 rather than after. So if you are open minded and don’t mind working quite hard for not exactly major bucks then you are in luck because there a quite a few good jobs out there.


Yard work is quite an easy job, let’s not count shoveling snow for Mr. Brankel who lives down Peacock Lane. But seriously you can rake leaves, shovel snow, pick up garbage and whatever any neighbors may offer you. Be friendly with those living around you so you can get to know if Mrs.Girdle’s nieces or grand daughters will be coming to help around or will you get to help her clean the yard before the family comes for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think getting to know your neighbors is the key thing in getting these kinds of jobs because employers want to hire somebody they can count on and somebody they know.


Walking pets is quite a responsible job that you must take seriously because these are somebody else’s animals and you must be respectful and give the proper grooming and attention they need. I suggest that previous knowledge with pets for such a job is not exactly necessary but the owner will feel more comfortable giving you their pets for care if you do have experience or knowledge with them. So maybe a few papers on the research you’ve made may help the owner get comfortable and have them actually trust you for the job.


A baby sitter should be around the ages of 14 and up, I think so because I think that teens think they know everything but truly they don’t. Dealing with little kids is quite a heavy job, you must be responsible and smart while taking care of other kids, don’t do the job unless you know that you are taking care of a child and their lives depend on your care. There have been many cases where teens think that they know what they’re doing but actually they don’t. Overall in babysitting you can expect a bit of hassle, but you can get a liking for the job if you like kids and if the parents think that you are somebody worth depending on.


Newspaper delivering is quite a wonderful job if you have somebody willing to get up at 5 o’clock with you and drive around and deliver the papers. The job takes some time and responsibility as well as any job, you can’t really do this by yourself nowadays unless you’re 16 or older then you can since you probably have your own car, but a parter is always helpful. Before starting the job or even thinking about doing it, make sure that you know what you’re up for because it’s really not easy as it seems.


Whether it’s blueberries in July or strawberries in May, you almost always have a fruit to pick during the summer. Fruit picking jobs not so easy to get, but if you have connections or make a good impression on the owners then I suppose you got it. If you really want to pick berries as a part time summer job then i suggest come around to a local farm, get to know the farm and the area. Picking fruits under the hot summer sun is a good job but if you begin it, tick with it because the picking season only lasts for about several weeks and that’s really not a long time.

So overall there are some pretty good jobs out there, if you can do any job well then you can pretty much be able to succeed in the future, as these jobs in the younger teen years are preparations for the future. Don’t push yourself too hard, but don’t sit around either, if you want a job and are up for the challenge then do it, not only will you be doing something but you’ll be making money. In the end it all adds up to a great experience and a awesome deed for yourself to do. Good luck.