Best Beach Games for Children

Best beach games for children fall under categories that cater to a diverse range of likes and dislikes. It is possible to find at least one beach game for any beach-going child. There are rough group games and yet there are quiet games that independent children can indulge in on their own or with a companion. They can be as simple as flying a small kite or as elaborate as sculpting a sea animal.

Beach games are fun at beach parties or as family activities. They leave happy memories for children for a long time. They are also a good way to introduce children to the ecological system at the beach. The fresh sea breeze and smells along the beach also accentuate the sights and sounds that leave happy memories in impressionistic children.

Group games include beach volleyball, Frisbee and soccer, with rules modified so as to enable children to enjoy them at their level and as safely as possible. These games can also be played with equipment that have been modified for younger children such as a smaller version and softer pliable material that still enables movement yet greatly reduce the chances of injury. Group games appeal greatly to children who love to run around and are full of vitality.

Exploratory games include Beach Hunting. Write down a list of items that the children need to find along the beach. The list can include safe items such as empty plastic containers, driftwood that they can carry and remnants of sea animals such as shells. Children will not only be cleaning up the shores but also learning how ecology can be upset by irresponsible beach goers. Advise children to go in groups, with an adult as a chaperon and reference as to whether an item is suspicious or dangerous.

Animal Hunt is another interesting beach game that teaches children to explore the beach and learn about its flora and fauna, or the lack of it. The starfish is a rare find in many beaches these days and is interesting to study. Sometimes fish can be left stranded in pools of sea water. Crabs and sea cockroaches may dart in and out of rock crevices and holes in the sand. These living things can intrigue young children for minutes.

Competitive children can also indulge in the usual sandcastle building activities with a twist. They can build the largest car or the biggest swimming pool with live sea creatures swimming in it. They will have fun trying to fill their pool with water or figuring out a way to prevent the water from seeping into the sand. They can build the largest sand crab or sand turtle.

Bury Me Alive is another interesting game. Do play this game supervised by observant and responsible adults. Each group covers a member in sand in the shortest possible time possible. Do ensure that the child to be buried is strong and able to withstand the pressure of the sand on his chest.

Children who enjoy water games can have a game of Water Bomb. Fill up plastic bags or balloons with water and use them as bombs. Small children will also be intrigued at the pushing power that the receding tide has. They just need to stand on the wet sand and be carried into the water with each receding wave. Be sure to be there to catch them lest they slip.

Beach games are fun for children and provide many happy and memorable parent-child and sibling bonding opportunities. When carried out with minimal supervision but under watchful eyes, children begin to collect a lifetime of happy beach moments to remember.