Benifits of Chores – Right

Many teens believe chores are given to them so their parents don’t have to do the leg work. You really don’t know much as a teen and sometimes you don’t realize the difference when someone is trying to help, or hurt you. There a many reasons why chores for a teen is beneficial.

1) Responsibility is key

As a teen you don’t have much responsibility except homework and maintaining hygiene. What happens when college comes? Then your responsible for waking up on time, classes, books, homework, studying, tests, paying for school, rent, food, travel, and so much more. In order to be successful in life you need to learn and understand responsibility. Chores are the root of responsibility for a teen. They are an excellent way to improve responsibility skills.

2) Chores build self esteem

Every chore that is given, and completed by a teen can show a sense of accomplishment. I usually vacuum the house and do the dishes for my chores. At the end of week I get to go out to dinner wherever I want or I get 20 dollars. So even the days I don’t want to work I know I’m getting something at the end of it all.

3) Chores teach teens the importance of finishing a task

This will be useful at school for a teen. Learning to finish a task will improve school grades, and their outlook on college life.

4) Learning life skills

As they do chores they will learn how to maintain a household, keep up with all the things that need to be done to live a proper life, how to do miscellaneous chores so they don’t have to pay for unnecessary services they can do themselves.

5) Being a part of the family

Surprisingly teens do want to be a part of their family no matter how rebellious they can be. Statistics show that more teens who have a better relationship with their family (Including working with them) are more successful in school and work life. Being a part of a family is an essential part of a teens life.

Chores without a doubt are RIGHT, because of all the benefits it has on a teen. This is a part of life and a way to show the teen what true life is really like. Real life isn’t depending on mommy and daddy to be there for them to tuck them in and give them money. It shows a sense of maturity and that alone will get them very far in life.