Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to your Child

Travel to enchanted lands, visit oddities, or learn about a small village in another country right in the comfort of your own home. Reading bed time stories gives your child a chance to enhance their emotional development, reach academic excellence an serves as a great calming technique to end the typical busy day.

As you read favorite stories to your child time and time again, they will learn the story and gain confidence as a reader. A skill needed for when they read out loud in class or on their own time. As children witness the interactions between the characters they will learn to relate to their peers and build healthy relationships. Through various scenarios within the plot your children learn to apply logic and use good judgment in the real world as they discover the element of cause and effect that the characters in a book experience. When there is a moral to the story children discover the natural consequences of ones actions without actually being involved in the situation. Problem solving techniques are learned as well while characters deal with issues appropriately throughout the story.

Reading a wide variety of genres to your children can give them the skills required to achieve academic excellence in various subjects. Reading is not only required in English Language Arts, but it ties into other subjects such as social studies, science, and math. As your little one listens to you read, he learns basic speech patterns, expands on his vocabulary and enhances his comprehension. All of these skills are crucial for taking and passing state mandated tests. Your child will also learn to have an appreciation for reading that will allow him to experience new lands, ideas and cultures.

As you take time out of you busy schedule to share this intimate experience with your child you are showing him that you love and value him. A bed time story is an important routine that closes the day in a calm and relaxing way. It’s an opportunity for you to bond with one another while snuggled up close with a book. As you discuss the story with your child, he will have the ability to express himself verbally. This time of sharing personal experiences will enhance his social skills.

There are several benefits to reading at bed time. When we remember to make reading an enjoyable experience for children, they will appreciate story time before bed and it will eventually become a part of a ritual that will carry on for generations. What you do with your children today can greatly influence the success of their future.