Benefits of Putting your Baby on a Sleep Routine

Many parents are undecided about whether they should put their baby in a sleep routine, or whether they should just let their baby sleep as and when they need to.  They are not sure of what the benefits of each course of action are for themselves and for their baby.  Some parents are really lucky and find that their baby develops their own sleep routine with little encouragement from the parents.  

The benefits of putting your baby into a sleep routine:

Allows for planning

If a baby is in a sleep routine, they will sleep at set times.  This means that a parent can plan their day accordingly.  They can decide which tasks can be completed while their baby is asleep and will also know what times of the day their baby will need feeding.

It can also help when planning a day away from home or deciding when to do the grocery shopping.  However, it is important to be flexible as not every aspect of life can be planned around the sleep times of your baby.  It is also important to take into account the fact that there may be times when your baby falls out of this routine, such as when teething or during illness, and then plans may have to be rearranged.  

The baby knows what to expect

It is not only helpful for the parents, it can also be good for the baby.  If the baby has a sleep routine then they know what to expect at different times of the day.  They know when they will be asleep, when they will be fed and when it is playtime.  There is some evidence to suggest that babies who have such a routine are more content and settled.  

More sleep for parents

One of the major advantages for parents of putting their baby into a sleep routine, is that they will get abetter night’s sleep.  Often, a baby who is not in a sleep routine will take short catnaps rather than have a full night’s sleep and a shorter sleep in the afternoon.  

If a baby is in a sleep routine, it is likely that they will sleep through the night.  This means that parents also get to sleep through the night.  Broken sleep can lead to tiredness, irritability, mood swings and a lack of concentration.  A good sleep will improve the ability of the parents to function well throughout the day.