Benefits of massage for baby

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping in the early months. However, a baby doesn’t always get quality, prolonged sleep. Sleeping patterns may not be established for some time, which can leave baby and the parents feeling tired and distraught. Giving your baby a little help to relax can make all the difference to the quality of sleep and relaxation. Baby massage can greatly help a baby to get better quality sleep, which helps aid in good health and development.

How can massage help baby sleep better?


Massage promotes a relaxed state of mind, and soothes the body. Even for a baby, massage can have a great calming effect. Babies can feel restless and agitated for many reasons while they are adapting to the world around them. New experiences each and every day can cause anxiety to a new baby. A gentle massage can place baby into a peaceful and relaxed state which helps aid good rest.

A content baby

Massaging baby brings a happy contented feeling for both you and baby. A strong bond and loving relationship is enhanced from the special massage time. A happy baby is a generally healthier and a more at ease baby. Feeling at ease brings a sense of calm and tranquility, which aids in allowing the mind and body to settle to sleep. A baby who is calm and happy is going to be more at peace, which allows for better sleep.

Relieve aches and pains

Sometimes a baby may struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep if aches and pains present themselves. Tummy pains from colic, general aches and pains and those from illness can all cause great discomfort and distress to baby. However, a gentle massage can alleviate and help to eradicate aches and pains leaving baby feeling calmer and better. A comfortable baby allows for a better, more relaxed sleep.

Giving baby a massage

Find a quiet area that is warm and peaceful. The lights can be lowered and soothing music can be played. Ensure that you are feeling relaxed and at ease yourself, so you can translate this feeling to your baby. Massage oil that is designed for use with baby may be used, as it aids in the relaxation while nourishing the skin. Use gentle outward strokes away from the heart, using soft sweeping hands. Allow for around 10 to 15 minutes for a good massage that isn’t rushed.

Feeling relaxed before sleep can provide better, deeper sleep. Choose a good time to give baby a massage, while he or she is quiet and calm, as this can help him or her to feel a deeper state of relaxation. If baby is already irritated or restless, a massage may not offer comfort. Chose the time right and aim to give a daily massage; this could be a short time before the end of the day to produce a calm feeling for a better night’s rest. Work this into the schedule and enjoy the quality bonding time with baby.