Benefits of being a Stay at Home Mom

Working at home offers mothers the unique opportunity to earn money for their family while participating in the special moments of their children’s growing up years.  While working at home can have its challenges, the benefits far outweigh any obstacles that may come up.

Time spent with their children

The most obvious benefit of mothers working at home is the ability to share experiences and make lasting memories with their children.  Someday they will have the pleasure of witnessing their child’s first words and steps, which they would have missed out on if they were working outside of the home.  The emotional benefits to the child are immense as well.

Flexible work schedule

Aside from time spent with children, a flexible schedule is another major advantage to being a work-at-home mom.  A child’s nap and wake time schedule constantly changes, making it necessary for moms to alter their work schedule to accommodate quiet hours while children are sleeping. 

Financial benefits

There are certainly financial benefits when mothers work from home.  When families add up the savings from not having to pay day care with the extra income from home-based work, these funds can be used to pay down debt, save for the child’s higher education, or fund family vacations or other large purchases.  In addition, work-at-home moms don’t have to invest in clothing or commuting costs that

Demonstrate a good work ethic to their children

Another benefit to being a work-at-home mom is the wisdom children glean from seeing their mothers maintain an effective work/life balance.  Mothers who work at home are in a unique position to teach their children lifelong lessons about stress management in the face of looming deadlines, multitasking capabilities, how to apply mathematical and grammatical skills in the business world, and the benefits of having a good work ethic.  Children will also learn how to focus on important tasks, make business related phone calls, manage clients, focus on daily tasks, and manage their time.

Benefits for mothers

In addition, moms thrive when given the opportunity to work in addition to take care of their children.  Many moms lack external stimulus and challenge that they receive from working outside of the home.  Work-at-home moms have the opportunity to develop relationships with clients and colleagues through the hours they spend working in the home.  They will benefit from adult interaction as well as the special time they share with their children.

Moms who work at home receive the best of both worlds – the opportunity to carve out a career and make money and the benefits of being with their children during their precious growing up years.