Benefits of an Empty House to Parents

Once the kids grow up and leave the home, parents will experience incredible changes in their daily lives. The most significant difference is they now have an empty house.  Although some of the changes will be stressful, many will be beneficial.  Some of the benefits to parents of having an empty house are: 

1.   The noise level in the home is reduced. The house is a much quieter place when the children are gone.  

2.  Parents can concentrate on the marital relationship.  They will have more time to focus on one another, communicate more effectively without interruption and generally spend more time together. 

3.  Parents whose house has recently been vacated by kids can revive their sexual relationships and make it a priority to re-connect sexually.  Without kids around, there will be much more privacy for parents who wish to re-discover sexual intimacy. 

4.  An empty house means less money is being spent for food as only mom and dad are present for meals.  Snack foods will most likely last longer without children in the house. 

5.  Less electricity is used when a home has fewer inhabitants.  This fact computes to lower utility bills, which is clearly a plus for parents. 

6.  A house without children will no doubt be easier to clean and keep neat and tidy.  Without kids’ possessions being scattered throughout the house, just dust, vacuum and mop and the weekly cleaning is done. 

7.  Parents can do more entertaining in the home.  Maybe you haven’t had a dinner party in years.  Now is your chance to get re-acquainted with your friends by inviting them over for a nice meal.  Throwing a dinner party can be relaxing and fun. 

8.  More room for having guests come to stay is a great benefit for parents after the kids leave.  Family members and old friends can now drop in for a visit and stay in your kids’ room. 

9.  When the house is empty, parents can plan and carry out home remodeling projects with almost no interruption.  No kids will be traipsing through the room you are renovating and you won’t have to worry about what they are doing while you are re-decorating.   

10.  For most parents, stressors at home decrease after the kids leave.  Not having to manage the kids, transport them all over the place, plan their meals, or provide them with 24/7 care is most likely a huge relief and therefore, a benefit to mom and dad. 

11.  Parent s are free to go out more when the house is empty as they no longer have to worry about what the kids are doing when they (parents) are out enjoying themselves. 

12.  Meal times can be more flexible when parents don’t have to worry about feeding the kids.  Parents can now eat whenever and whatever they want rather than when and what they believe the kids need to eat. 

13.  Parents may be in a position to pursue hobbies and activities of interest to the fullest extent once the children have moved out.  There’s simply more time to relax and do what you want to do. 

14.  After the kids have flown the coop, parents are free to plan day trips or even extended vacations just for the two of them to enjoy as a couple. Maybe you and your partner have wanted to go to Las Vegas or Paris for 15 years.   Now is the time to schedule a special getaway to re-connect and re-discover having fun together.  

15.  Parents will now have the freedom to pick up and go where they want when they want to go.  Whether it’s taking that special trip or visiting friends around the corner, it is liberating for parents to leave the house on a whim once the kids are gone.

Most kids will eventually vacate the house.  Thus, parents will need to adjust to changes an empty house brings.  Thankfully, a decent portion of those changes are beneficial to parents.  An empty house paves the way for relationship renewal, flexibility with meals, freedom for parents to do whatever they want to do, and more.  Adjusting to living together without children in the home is exciting, enriching and beneficial.