Benefits for Parents in an Empty House

Admit it or not, all parents look forward to enjoying their empty house. After the kids have gone, the pangs of loneliness and nostalgia for the good old days eventually ease up. Then it will be the time to consider the many benefits for parents who find themselves alone together in an empty house. For the really creative couple, the experience can be a wonderful one.

First of all, you may notice that the strange and unfamiliar sound you hear around the house is silence. Maybe if you listen closely, you can hear a clock ticking. You can now relax together and call it peace and quiet. You may also breathe a sigh of relief that the so-called music of the loud rock bands with the funny names has mercifully gone away with your kids, and now you can settle down with Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Sinatra, Elvis and Ella.

There is less need for for harried parents to be rushing in and out of the house, now that it is empty of kids and their never-ending demands. No longer do you have to feed them, fix up their bumps and bruises or get them ready for the school bus. No more must you attend school sports events, go to the school musical or go to parent-teacher conferences. No more shopping for just that right suit, dress and shoes for the prom, or paying through your wallet for that stretch limo, corsages. And when they learned to drive your car, you no longer will have to worry about police tickets for going through red lights or driving 60 in a 35-mile zone.

The old house will need fewer repairs and less cleaning. There will be no more baseballs through windows, broken furniture, dropped dishes, messy rooms and rug stains to be cleaned. There will also be no more stacks of kid clothing to be cleaned every day, and the faithful parents, as well as the washer and dryer will get some well-earned rest.

The benefits for parents in a newly-empty house is that, at long last, you can spend time alone with each other, and maybe bring back what you had when you were first married. You can leave your bedroom door open at all times, and do anything together you choose. You can also escape out the front door together and go anywhere you please. The world is open to you for trips to anywhere in the world, romantic cruises, fine dining or just curling up together in front of the fireplace.