Being Comfortable in the latter Part of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an exhilarating experience, one you will never forget as long as you live! To feel a new life growing within you, a part of you and yet a separate being  is a miracle. Unfortunately, the joy is mixed with discomfort and pains! The body is being stretched to a maximum, doing everything for the baby to come out healthy and fully grown. What can you do to be comfortable in the later months of pregnancy? There are some ways that you can help yourself.

To start with- allow yourself to rest. Many people are quick to point out that being pregnant is not a sickness, and this is true. But it does put an enormous strain on your body, as well as your emotions. Being able to rest and concentrate on your pregnancy can help a lot. If it is your first child this usually is no problem. But if you have smaller children who want attention, who need help and attention, you might have to ask for help. Ask family members and friends to help you with the older child, giving you opportunity to rest without fear of neglecting anybody. It is much better for the child, too, if you can rest.

While resting is important, so is exercise. At the later stage of pregnancy you will not be able to, nor feel like doing, any heavier movements. But walking or doing light water-aerobics (there are classes specifically designed for pregnant women) is usually OK. Always check with your doctor, telling him/her exactly what you are doing.

Dressing in the right way can alleviate discomfort and pains. Good underwear, well-fitting, do not come in cheap, but really help. When all the weight is concentrated in the front of the body, it is easy to lean backwards or even pushing out your stomach even more.  A good bra which gives support to your enlarged breasts will help your posture, which in turn will prevent back-pains and headaches. Underpants that cover the stomach a bit will help you control the pull of gravity!

When sitting or standing it is also important to think of your posture. If you need to stand for longer periods of time, like when cooking, put up one foot on a little stool. Alternate the feet, in that way giving a break to your spine. Putting a little cushion behind your lower back when sitting down, and avoiding sofas where you sink down is also recommended. If you make it a habit to keep your back and shoulders straight, you will be more comfortable. Do not feel you are being difficult or complaining if you ask to sit in a special chair or if you can have a cushion. Taking care of yourself is important.

Getting enough sleep is usually a problem in the latter stages of pregnancy. Whatever way you turn, you feel uncomfortable. Lying down on your side is usually good, putting a cushion between your legs. There are special body pillows that are long and will make you relax better.  

Being comfortable in the later months of pregnancy is not always easy, but very important. Being pregnant is very tiresome, but having a newborn baby is even more exhausting! You will need all the strength you can build up. Pregnancy is not something to suffer through and get over with. It should be a time of joy and expectations. Try making the best out of it.