Becoming a green and eco friendly parent

Many parents are following the trend and going green, but a truly green parent goes beyond what is popular to learning what is actually eco-friendly. In order to become an eco-friendly, green parent you must believe that changing your lifestyle is worth the effort and it is! When you make the choice to go green as a parent, you can take to heart these simple principles and you will be on the road to teaching your family how to take better care of their earth.


For years, the motto recycle, reduce, reuse has resonated in American’s ears. However, years later the motto has lost its potency and is easily ignored by many families. Still, recycling is one of the easiest and most practical ways to become an eco-friendly, green parent. In order to make recycling a cinch for your household, simply search the Internet to find your closest recycling center. Your local recycling center will include a list of accepted items, so print them out and keep the list on your refrigerator for an easy reference.

The next step is to designate a trashcan as your recycling bin. You can even use sturdy paper bags from the grocery store as your recycling catch-all. When the recycling bin or bag gets full, simply empty it into your outdoor recycling bin or take it to your closest recycling center. In addition to recycling your paper, plastic and glass, you can even recycle batteries, automobiles, clothing, furniture, cell phones, printer cartridges and even carpet. Making the choice to recycle is the first step to becoming a green parent.

Turn it off

The next easiest way to be eco-friendly is by reducing the amount of energy you use. Turn off lights, turn off water and turn off fans when you are not in the room. Teaching children about being responsible with energy is a great way to help them understand responsibility and they also keep you accountable as well. In addition to simply flipping switches and turning handles, you can also save energy by insulating your house. If you feel a draft by a window or door, you can add weather stripping to seal the cracks. Not only is going green going to help the environment, but it will also help save you money!

Think ahead

What could be easier than bringing light reusable bags with you when you go to the store? While this has definitely become a popular green activity, using reusable bags is both practical and helpful. Not only is there no real reason to keep using more and more plastic bags at the store, but the reusable bags sold by most stores have handles that are not going to break. You are not just saving trees or saving the store money, but you are saving that glass jar that always falls out of the plastic bags. Another way to think ahead is to buy glass containers for your refrigerator storage. The reusable plastic containers are only reusable to a point. Glass not only lasts longer, but you have no risk of chemicals leaching into your food from the plastic. Green parenting thinks about the impact on the environment and on your family.

Label checking

Just because a product label claims to be green does not mean that the product is actually green. Some products are partially recycled yet are the same cost as the ones that are 100% recycled; read the label and go for the greener choice. The more eco-friendly choice for products normally comes from a company who recognizes that they have a huge footprint on the health and ecology of the earth. These companies have sought production methods that increase sustainability and use environmentally friendly methods when making their products. As parents who are consumers, you can make known your consumer opinion by selecting products that are eco-friendly and green. The money spent on products lets companies know what is important to consumers, so let them know that the environment is important to you and your family.

Becoming an eco-friendly and green parent is all about showing your children how each person shares the responsibility for taking care of the world. Each choice a person makes impacts someone else, and teaching them about the environment helps them learn about their choices. Some of these simple steps towards becoming a greener parent can be implemented quickly and can impact the world forever. The first choice that makes a parent green and eco-friendly is making the choice to care.