Be Safe and keep Baby Safe in her Chair

Baby’s safety should always be the first thing on the mind of parents buying items for that baby. However, with the glut of fancy products on the market, sometimes this slips their attention. A highchair has so many potentially dangerous areas that checking these out before purchasing is essential for the safety of the baby. The age at which a child will use a highchair differs dependent upon their ability to sit upright with very little support, though support should certainly not be ignored when purchasing that high chair.

Supporting the baby

A child wriggles. There is little you can do to stop a toddler from wriggling. It’s natural curiosity, boredom and energy that makes a child move so much. One moment of taking your eyes off that child and the potential of accidents in increased. A child can slip through underneath the table section of a highchair and as the fall may be from a height, this really is worrying. Look for highchairs which have leg separators which stop the child from slipping through, or which have the ability to take a harness to hold the child in place. Another potential danger is that the child may just try to stand up, so the harness would stop them from being able to, thus increasing the safety of their high chair use. The harness should meet safety standards for the country in which it is purchased and if you do not see a label to confirm this, ask questions. The harness holds the baby in place and stops them from slipping. It should be sufficiently sturdy and have fittings a baby cannot easily manipulate or undo. Look for those which have an adjustable waste fitting and two shoulder straps and the possibility of attachment to the sides of the high chair.

Protecting the baby from germs

The tray area of the high chair will get dirty. Choose those which are easy to clean. The whole high chair will need to be wiped down between uses, to ensure that germs are kept to a minimum. Choosing materials that don’t crack is also essential since these can be dangerous from a germ point of view, but can also harm baby’s hands. If there is any element of fabric on the highchair, make sure that this can be removed and that it can be machine washed, as you will need to do this regularly to avoid germs.

Protection from wobble and instability

Look at the base of the high chair. A good quality high chair will have a base which is wider than the chair itself to give good stability to the chair. There are several types of high chair available on the market and some fold into different positions. Try the positions. See how easily the adjustments are made and ensure that the areas where the adjustment is made are safe for baby and cannot be played with.

Harm to baby’s hands

With a lifting tray, one of the areas of vulnerability for a child is getting their little hand caught underneath the tray. If it lifts up and down, it’s sure that they will investigate this if only as part of their play. Unfortunately, the lesson learned is often a lesson learned too late. If you can buy a chair with a table which is fixed into place in some manner this is a lot wiser, and will avoid their fingers being jammed between the tray and the base of the chair.

Another area which may harm a child’s hands is if there are cracks in, for example, plastic trays. Look carefully when purchasing a high chair to check the quality. Run your hand around all of the areas which will or may come into contact with baby to make sure there are no hidden sharp areas which can harm them.

Check the wheel area

If the chair is one which has wheels, check the functionality of the brake system employed. A chair which is not stable and which is able to be moved as a child wriggles isn’t a safe one for a child. The wheels should have a mechanism which renders them useless when the chair is in the full height position.

For the best possibility of buying a chair which will give good service, buy from trusted and well known manufacturers. They have to adhere to safety standards and their reputation is on the line. If you buy with guarantees and have a full demonstration of all the different positions and how they operate, watch carefully, and check that there is no area on the chair which gives you reason to doubt its safety. As different positions are tried, test the chair for stability, and learn from your involvement with the purchase of potentially harmful elements. It’s your baby, and ultimately the safety of your child depends upon you taking these measures when purchasing their high chair.

Safety standards in items sold for the use of babies should always be adhered to by manufacturers. By keeping to those you are familiar with that have a good reputation, hand in hand with reading up on what features you require, you should find that the experience will be a positive one. This may be the first time that baby sits at the table with their family and a well chosen chair will give good service and be a successful addition to the equipment used to help your baby as they grow from one stage to another.