Bath Time Tantrums

Toddlers often have tantrums and they can sometimes appear to come out of nowhere. They can be very difficult for parents to get control of as the toddler thrashes around and has their tantrum. Sometimes though it is possible to avoid tantrums from occuring and also it’s possible to maintain control over the situation so that you can deal with the tantrum as efficiently as possible.

Bath time is actually quite a common time for toddlers to have tantrums and there are various reasons for this. Possible reasons as to why toddlers create tantrums at bath time are that they are tired after a busy day, that they did not want to stop doing what they were doing to go and have a bath, that they are actually afraid of having a bath or just because they are asserting themselves and trying to battle for position in the family.

There are ways in which you can reduce the tantrums which occur at bath time and this should then make this time of day a more fun and happy time.


Firstly try to establish whether there is an actual reason as to why your child acts up when it’s bath time. Try to comprehend what causes this so that you can then try to eliminate this cause or deal with it. If it is because your child is always very tired by the time bath time comes around then try making it earlier if you can or try to make it more peaceful and restful instead of up beat and fun. If your child is afraid of the bath then you can find ways to reduce fear. The main point though is to understand the cause of the tantrum in the first place.

Make it fun!
Bath time can be fun time and many fun memories can be created whilst your toddler is bathing. As your toddler is protesting and causing a scene about the bath  spending your time exclaiming about how fun it is going to be so that you are focussing your attention away from the tantrum and onto the bath situation and doing so in a positive way. Buy toys which your child will enjoy playing with whilst in the bath you can buy all kinds of toys from animals that squirt water to pens which draw on the bath and then wash away. Perhaps you could take your toddler with you to chose a special bath toy so that they look forward to playing with it and enjoy the bath.

Hair washing songs!
Todders often begin to become upset and unhappy when it comes to washing their hair at bath time. This can be very difficult for a parent to deal with as the child is already in the bath and it can be harder to control a tantrum so when it comes to hair washing time make it upbeat. A great way to do this is to sing a song whilst washing your baby’s hair and start this from as early an age as possible so that hair washing is always seen as fun. As you rub in the shampoo sing a song and encourage your toddler to help you rub it in. Give lots of praise about how clever they are helping washing hair. Another good way to help reduce hair washing stress is to have your child wash a doll’s hair so that you can show them what it is that you do when washing hair and doesn’t dolly look lovely afterwards?

Be laid back.
This sounds easier said than done but actually it works wonders with toddlers who are throwing tantrums. It can be easy to dread bath time if you know that it comes with a tantrum and toddlers can pick up on this dread and play up to it. Try to not dread bath time and show your toddler that you are looking forward to it, won’t it be fun? This way your toddler won’t play on your fear. If your child begins to scream and protest about getting in the bath then don’t raise your voice and show them that you are frustrated, instead sit by the bath and explain calmly that you will wait until they have finished shouting and crying and then they can have a bath. Make it clear that it doesn’t matter how long they protest that they wil be having a bath. Once the tantrum has started to calm down begin playing with the toys in the bath and making a big fuss about how fun it is and this should encourage your child to find out what you are doing and want to join in.

Read stories.
Another good way to help to reduce bathtime tantrums is to read books to your toddler which include characters having a bath. There are lots of books on the market about bath time being fun and so this can be a good way to show your child that bath time should be a fun time which they can look forward to. You can read it along with your child and encourage them to be like the characters in the book who had lots of fun whilst they were having their baths.

There are several ways in which you can reduce bath time tantrums and deal with them. Teaching your children that a tantrum doesn’t result in them getting their own way is a very important factor so that they will learn to stop trying to undermine you. This can be done by showing that their protesting won’t result in them getting their own way, by you helping to distract from the situation by making bath time fun and by talking about bath time with stories. If you can understand why your toddler protests so much as bed time then that can be a huge help in reducing tantrums. The main point to remember is to keep calm and be encouraging to your child when they do get in the bath and make it fun.