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Many children attend school each day lugging a heavy backpack that makes them carry more than what they weigh.

 Backpacks have become a popular and practical way for children and teenagers to carry their schoolbooks and supplies to class, but they can become extremely heavy when they’re worn improperly. This can cause physical ailments such as, injure muscles, painful joints that can lead to serious back pain, score neck, shoulder pain and serve pasture problems.

It is best for both parents and children begin following these five simple guidelines that will help them practice backpack safety.

1. Choose a Backpack with Two Wide Padded Shoulder Straps

 Choose a backpack that has two shoulder straps because backpacks that come with one shoulder strap are made to run across the body, and they don’t distribute weight evenly. The best backpacks are the ones with wide shoulder straps because narrow straps can dig right into the shoulders and cause pain and discomfort. Make sure that the straps come with good padding that will help distribute the load evenly.

2. Have Children Use Both Shoulder Straps

 Children should always use both shoulder straps because carrying a load of school supplies on one shoulder may increase curvature of the spine. When both straps are in use, it will help then carry the load on their backs comfortably.

3. Weigh the Bag

 Pluck the backpack on the scale to see how much it weighs with all the school supplies then have the kids step on the scale to obtain their body weight. The backpack has to be at least ten percent of the body weight limit. If children are carrying more than they should then it’s time to start pulling things out or purchase a rolling backpack.   

4. Have Them Examined By a Physician

 When children start to complain about body pain, have them checked out by a pediatrician just to make sure that there are no serious injuries to their shoulders and spines. Ask the physician to recommend some strengthening exercises that will help ease the harsh pain and discomfort. 

5. Have them Stop at the Locker Room

 Do not allow children to carry all their books during the day, try to talk them into acknowledging their lockers at school where they can put away the books that are not going to be needed and take the ones that will be used for class that day.

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