Babysitting is definitely a rewarding experience for teenagers. If they enjoy taking care of younger children, that job will be just right for them. Babysitting will make the teens become trustworthy and responsible, and they can understand the value of work ethic. Some teens can handle babysitting their own siblings; others may look for opportunities through newspaper ads. Only babysitting will become a success if those teens follow important routines, no matter what happens to the children who are being taken care of.

Introduce yourself

If this will be your first time babysitting, it is a good idea to know the parents and the children you will be watching. Visit the family ahead of time. You can share an evening dinner with them so you can get the scoop of what life is like in the household, such as rules. Share your hobbies with the children; they might be interested in what you enjoy doing as well. Visiting the family in advance will make you feel more comfortable around them.

Provide fun activities

A smart way to keep the children busy and under supervision is by playing games with them. Perhaps they love video games. You can ask them in advance what particular games they want to play. If the children love to read, bring some books for them. Whatever games or other fun activities you bring should be safe for the children and approved by the parents. 

Understand the rules

Follow the rules the parents hand you. They might say, “They can’t watch TV until homework is done.”  Learn how to change diapers, when to serve meals or snacks, when to bathe the children, and when to put them in bed. If the children misbehave, calmly – but firmly – tell them, “No.” You do have the right to report the bad behavior to the parents, especially if they refused to listen to you.

Keep emergency numbers

In case an accident happens, remember the emergency contact numbers. This include numbers from the parents, a hospital, police, and neighbors. Sometimes children can become mischievous and get themselves into an unusual situation that calls for extra help. The parents should be contacted about what happened, life threatening or not. Do not attempt to cover the situation yourself. If a child gets injured or very ill, use those emergency numbers. 

Look out for the children

Always keep an eye on the children. Do not assume babysitting means having your eyes glued to a television screen while they are outside playing. You have to see what they are up to, or else go play with them. If the children have homework, make sure they finish it. Of course, you can sit at a table and help them study,  which is one way in keeping them busy.

Enjoy your babysitting the children. And please remember your responsibilities. You may earn the cash to get something you need, but your biggest reward will be your self esteem and trust.