Babysitting Tips for Teens

Babysitting is more than just a way for teens to make some spending ways. It’s also what is usually the first chance for the teen to learn lessons in responsibility that will be useful in later years.

Some tips may help the teen to understand the duties of babysitter and how to handle potential problems.  

Get full approval from your parents before you accept any babysitting job. Listen to and understand their advice about the job, and accept their rules on babysitting.

If you plan more than just a once-in-awhile babysitting job,  check with your school, church and/or community if there are courses available in baby care and safety. They can make you more proficient and self-confident if you intend to do frequent babysitting jobs.

For all babysitting jobs, take a fully-charged cell phone with one-punch keys for 9-1-1, parents and any others you’d call if you have an emergency while on the job.

Use the cell phone to let your parents know when you’ve arrived at the babysitting house, and tell them when you expect to be home and if you need a ride home.

Know where parents are while you’re babysitting, how long they’ll be there, and phone number to contact them.

Report immediately to your parents abuse of any kind. This includes you or the children by anyone in the house where you’re babysitting. If it becomes an emergency, call 9-1-1.

There are some things you should not do while you’re babysitting. The parents will usually tell you, but use your own common sense to avoid them. The top four are: no smoking, no drinking, no unauthorized visitors and no going through furniture drawers and closets. It’s also courteous and considerate not to make any personal phone calls or social internet posting while you’re on the job.

Your most important responsibility is the safety and comfort of the babies and little kids you’ll be watching. They should be fed according to parent instructions. Changing diapers and bathing may also be on your to-do list. The kids must be in bed at the required time, and be visited by you as frequently as necessary. If the baby is restless, play games or read aloud until the baby’s asleep.

Follow all security instructions. Keep all access doors locked. While you’re alone in the house with the kids, don’t answer the doorbell for anyone who’s a stranger to you. If the person wants to enter the house, refuse until you’ve called the parents or your parents to verify the identification. This applies to any stranger at the door who claims to be police, neighbor or relative.

Babysitting for teens may seem just a way to make some spending money. It can be much more important for lessons in responsibility, childcare and personal independence.