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We all want things and many times it takes money to get them, ways to fund our fun. For young adults who are great with kids and have fun playing with them babysitting can be the perfect fit as a way to earn the funds needed while helping parents get a little time away from their little ones for awhile. With these babysitting tips for teens a fun and lucrative business can be satisfying with some preparation, a great work ethic and the tools from the babysitter tool kit.

Setting an appointment.

Important information to find out when a parent wants you to babysit are:

What day and time?

How many hours?

How many children?

What are the children’s ages? Are they potty trained?

Are there any special needs or circumstances?

Will you need to prepare a meal while they are gone?

Do they need to take medicine?

Will you be expected to provide a bath when they are gone?

Where are parents reached in case of emergency?

During this call it is good to remind parents to leave health insurance information and emergency contact information just in case something happens and to discuss your rate. Get a calendar or a smart phone program to enter appointments to prevent double booking.


Babysitting rates depend on region, age of children, number of children being watched and any extras like cooking, clean up or additional responsibilities added.

For a teenager with little experience the rate can range between $5-$10 per hour with $1 added for each additional child, if the children are aged 3 and under, if diapers are involved, or for any other extras listed above an additional amount per hour may be able to be added usually $1-$2. However, like any good business person ask around to find out what others are charging and set your rates accordingly.


For a successful sitting experience it is good to have attended some sort of training class in advance. In these babysitting training classes future sitters learn basic CPR and First Aid, how to change a diaper, how to prepare food and snacks and some fun activities and discipline techniques to use while watching children.

In addition it is good to have a “goodie bag” to bring along with fun age appropriate toys and activities. Possibly a movie or video game that the kids haven’t seen before that they would like to play with while you are there.

Always be 10-15 minutes early for the first time you babysit at a house and at least 5-10 minutes early for following visits. This gives enough time to get instructions and information from the parents and allow them to leave on time for their activity.  During this time it is good to ask the following questions:

Do the children have allergies?

What is their bed time?

Are they able to watch TV?

Is there anything they are not able to watch?

Do they need a bath? It is good to avoid giving baths unless the kids are really dirty from playing.

In addition to any special instructions parents may have.  There are many useful checklists for babysitters online. It is recommended to print one out and have parents complete it before leaving.

Have fun.

The most important thing is to have fun. Play with the kids and give them the attention they deserve and crave. Read to them, play games, color and draw pictures. Possibly take them to the park or in the yard to run around if that is appropriate and the parents say it’s ok. 

Remember this is time for work and for the kids. It is not time to text or call friends or to have friends come over.  If it will be late bring a book or something to keep you entertained while kids are asleep and you wait for parents to return. It is important to stay awake and alert. Keep caffeinated if needed.

If there is a pool at the house the job is even tougher. Always make sure the gate around the pool is locked, doors going out to the pool are locked and that a head count of the children to be sure where they are at all times is taken frequently. Every five minutes is ideal.

Parents like to come home to a clean house and sleeping kids this will earn you good money and good recommendations.

With these babysitting tips for teens, teenagers can benefit from their own professional and fun babysitting business and also have fun spending the profits they earn.


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