Babys first Picture from Ultrasound

Ultra sounds are wonderful. I suppose that I’ve received far more of them then the average woman in her twenties would. I’m pushing forty and I’m in a high risk pregnancy. I was thirty eight with my first pregnancy. So it seems they do ultra sounds far more often on me then they would a much younger woman. But I don’t mind. I enjoy looking at those wonderful images on the screen of the baby moving inside of me. Its amazing that first picture that you see. The baby truly looks like a little peanut in there. The shape is peanut shaped. I think my first ultra sound was at seven weeks. They confirmed the pregnancy using the ultra sound. And then there is the first time you can see the little heart beating on the screen. Wow, that really brings home the reality that you have a LIFE growing inside of you. Its just amazing.

Then time goes by and I had an ultra sound again at about eleven weeks, then again at fifteen weeks. Each on more and more details manifest themselves. Finally they can actually tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. Unless you have had a CVS or an Amnio for beyond the doubt confirmation of the the sex or your baby. I know that some people don’t want to know but I always wanted to know. I found out early on with the CVS that I’m having a boy so I didn’t need confirmation from the ultra sound to prove it because it was beyond a shadow of a doubt. But when they did the ultra sound to guide the doctor during the CVS the technician took a wild guess and said that she felt it gave the indications of being a boy even though it was still early on at that time to tell. And she ended up being right when we got the results back. Some ultra sound technicians can tell fairly easily the sex but others have a hard time or the position of the baby makes it hard for them to even begin to see.

But each time you have the ultrasound they will run you off some photos on the computer to take home with you. I love those wonderful first photos. They are amazing. I have saved every one so I can scrapbook them. They will be fun to go over with you child as it grows. You cannot ever replace those first pictures even if they are ultra sound photos. They are just so amazing.