Baby Strollers

Buying a stroller can be incredibly overwhelming. From status symbols to heavy duty joggers, the stroller department may resemble your local auto mall. Just like buying a car, you’ll need to do a lot of test driving. Get started with this simple review guide of today’s top strollers.     

You’ve seen it in magazines and it even made an appearance in the Sex and the City movie. The Stokke (pronounced “stoke-ah”) Xplory is that famous, alien-like stroller that is all about high altitude. This Scandinavian attention getter puts your baby right at eye level above pollutant factors such as exhaust pipes. Weighing in at 28 pounds, the Xplory is made of automobile-grade plastic with an aluminum frame. The storage compartment is quite large and it comes equipped with a bassinet and toddler seat. One of the great features is the extremely comfortable hand-grip which is ideal for one-hand maneuvering. There even a stair and snow feature – never before seen in other strollers. Multiple accessories can be bought for the Xplory including a brand new fur-lined winter kit. The downside? It is a bit rigid on cobblestone due to the plastic build. Oh, and one more downside – the price. The Stokke Xplory is a whopping $1200.

You see it everywhere for a reason. The Bugaboo Cameleon drives like a Mercedes. It’s smooth, turns easily and can be guided by one hand. This Dutch invention has become a status symbol with at $900 price tag. Included in the price is the frame, bassinet, toddler seat as well as a few other accessories. Weighing 26 pounds, the Bugaboo also has an array of add-on accessories in a variety of colors. With amazing suspension and the ability to conquer uneven sidewalks like no other, it is obvious why this is the most popular designer stroller. The only complaint is that storage is mediocre and the stroller moves awkwardly on stairs.

What makes the Orbit so appealing? It’s heavier than other strollers and lacks swiveling skills. Well, the Orbit has a multifunctional dock that allows you to clip on a bassinet, car seat or toddler seat allowing for a 360-degree rotation. For $900, this high-end travel system comes with the base, frame and an infant car seat. The toddler seat and bassinet are sold separately. At 33 pounds, the biggest complaint is the lack of storage – holding less than any other stroller. However, the Orbit makes car-to-sidewalk transitions fast and easy which is the main selling point for many.  

A tad cheaper than the above, the Peg Perego Skate comes in at $899. This Italian designed stroller is nine pounds heavier than the bugaboo but has a shifting pod that transforms from an infant seat to a toddler seat without any extra parts. With a masculine design, the Skate drives like an SUV. The biggest con? The weigh and width make stairs and transportation virtually impossible.

The Microlite Toro is a UK import weighting in at only 18 pounds. This luxury lightweight stroller is suitable from newborns to toddlers and comes with a variety of accessories. The narrow frame and weight make it a breeze to use on stairs and transportation. It is great for walk-up apartments and comes with adaptors to fit Maxi Cosi car seats. For $599 the Toro isn’t cheap but if you’re in the market for a luxury lightweight, this is the stroller for you.

For $50 less than the Toro, you can get the stylish Quinny Buzz. At 30 pounds, the Quinny Buzz is a great stroller for jogging and power walks. It glides over uneven pavement and even does surprisingly well on hikes. While this stroller is idea for the adventurous and outdoorsy parent, it is quite bulky for daily use due its wide wheel width. Another downside is the lack of storage which is hardly useful. That said, the Quinny is perfect if you do a lot of walking and live near the woods or parks. It comes with a sun canopy, bug net and rain cover and there are a few other add-on accessories you can purchase.

The Maclaren Techno XT is a classic. For $280 you can pick up this umbrella stroller that comes equipped with a hood, rain cover and shopping basket. At 17 pounds, it is only a bit lighter than the Microlite Toro. Its simple frame is ideal for stairs and busy streets but you’ll definitely need both hands to maneuver it. While the Maclaren is undoubtedly the most popular umbrella stroller, however, the wheel quality is up for debate.

At only $150, the Dreamer Design/Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler stroller has the right to compete with the top European brands. This Bugaboo look-a-like has many of the same features as its competitors and weights only 21 pounds. With a smooth ride and the quick-fold ability, the Dreamer Design is a great deal for the price. However, some moms complained about the squeaky canopy and the wide rear wheel width.