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It is a bittersweet sort of moment when you realize you need to hire a babysitter for the first time. You find yourself torn between the desire for a much needed adult kid-free evening and the fear of leaving your child with someone. If this is the first time you have ever hired a baby sitter you may also find yourself wondering, what do I look for in a babysitter?

Well, I always thought family and friends were the first and best choice for baby-sitting. It gives them the opportunity to spend time with your little bundle of joy, and you know your child is safe because who do you know better than your own family and friends?

However, we can’t always have what we want and sometime, somewhere you may find yourself looking to the girl down the street or an ad in the paper. Either way there are a few qualities to look for.

Number One:

They are interested in meeting your child. A good way to test this is not have your child in the room you meet your potential babysitter in. If at some point they request to meet your child, this shows they care about what they’re doing. They probably legitimately enjoy children, or at least have a realistic attitude and will not just do anything for a dollar.

Another good thing to watch out for is their first questions, were they, “How much does it pay?”, “Or what do you expect of me as a babysitter?” Someone’s immediate responses will say a great deal about their personality.

Number Two:

Don’t always count on appearances and stereotypes, and trust your intuition. Pretty clothes and smiles do not always equal a responsible babysitter. Be sure to take the time to sit down and really talk with your potential baby sitters. Do not simply ask a list type set of interview questions. Find out about their values and beliefs through conversation.

Despite many people feeling a person’s beliefs and opinions have no barring on their ability to watch a child, this is not true. The fact is this person is going to be spending time with your child, interacting with them, and teaching them hopefully on a steady basis. Your child will at some point observe their opinions, beliefs, and feelings.

Number Three:

In the end, check references and experience. Be sure they measure up to what you want before you even really get into the rest. Do you want them CPR certified? Do they need to cook and clean? Do you want them to do art projects/crafts/learning time or just keep the kids from burning the house down? Keep your expectations in mind, and be sure that the person you hire to baby sit understands those desires and is capable of upholding them.

For example, a 12-year-old neighbor kid may not be able to do all that, where as a 28-year-old college student might.

Don’t be surprised if the first baby sitter you hire doesn’t work out, they all can’t. If you feel yourself feeling so uncomfortable you need to set up hidden cameras for your sitter, either you aren’t ready to have your child baby sat, or you didn’t find the right qualities in a sitter. Wait, and try again. You’ll have a better time once you’ve found comfort in a baby sitter. Above all, look for and find what feels right for you in a baby sitter and you can’t go wrong.