Baby Safety 101

Babies are a gift and a bundle of joy to their parents. Their coming into the world fills us with wonder, admiration and awe. Because how can it bethat, we were once as precious, gentle, delicate and wonderful as they are. Definitely, there are people that we wouldn’t imagine that they were once children and carried in the womb of a mother for nine months. When you look at an innocent baby boy all coarseness, brutality and roughness gives way to wonder and amazement.

When this baby comes, he/she brings wonderful emotions and behavioral changes that we knew little are stirred up within us. Our most primary responsibility is to nurture, love and protect this baby. I will cautiously give some precautionary measures but with a halo of naivety from first-hand experience.
1. You should make your home or where the baby is spending most his/her time baby like. Have harmless and cozy materials around the baby. Because the first lesson that the child learns is “whatever you get put in your mouth”, its important to put away anything that may harm, hurt or pierce the baby not just far away but completely beyond reach.
2. When my baby boy started crawling one thing that amazed me was his unusual ability to see very tiny things. Their eyes are unusually sharp! Because I found him one morning holding a needle in his hands. Luckily enough for me I was able to take it away from him in good time. From that day I realized that general and meticulous cleaning of the floor or carpet was very crucial and a big must. During these stages of crawling and trying to walk it’s important for this baby to be under constant observation and care. Don’t allow anyone who has no interest in kids to take care of your baby. It could be disastrous! An innocent child like this, can grab a live cockroach, put it in his mouth and start munching happily. Well, that doesn’t sound good but it can happen.
3. As this child grows and starts taking rice probably with milk. Don’t ever give this food to the child when the child is either crying or resisting. Because this could cause the food to pass through the airway’ and I believe this does not sound exciting. The same with any other food. As children grow the method of food preparation will vary with increasing age. Some types of food should be cut into very small pieces for very young children. Even rice can be grounded to powder or flour so that you give it to a small one as porridge.
4. When giving food to a child, try to avoid situations where a child will cry or laugh as this could lead to choking. That is why a child needs that mother’s attending care when he/she is small.
5. The greatest safety commandment is this, NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE AND UNATTENDED. You should follow and be after this child like the way a hawk follows after its prey.
6. Tiny small objects should always be put away from children. But now here is the catch.when my baby started walking and moving around. I got very excited and started buying him toys. To my surprise I would find the wheels of the small cars that I had bought him in his mouth. This taught me a lesson and I decided NO MORE SMALL TOYS FOR HIM. Now don’t laugh at me but I make sure the toys are bigger than his mouth.

Well, those are some safety tips to watch out for and I believe you will watch out after your child more diligently and with love.