Baby Puts everything in his Mouth what to keep out of Reach

Three children later and I am still constantly amazed at what they will eat or at least what they try to eat. Unfortunately, the more children you have the more tougher your job gets in keeping them safe.

With your first little one, it is fairly simple to keep small things out of reach. After all, they most likely won’t even have small or inappropriate aged toys yet and let’s face it, it was much easier to keep on top of your cleaning. Presuming that this is the case, the most common sense approach is to keep your floors swept and vacuumed on a regular basis and always do a spot check for small items that may have fallen out of your pockets etc like money.

Grow with your baby. That is get down on their level and see what it is that they can reach or see. Cover up electrical outlets, tuck cords away of sight, move objects to higher shelves. When your baby suddenly starts kneeling or standing, re check her height and reach and adjust your home accordingly.

When the second child comes along, this is when you need to become the most vigilant. Assess what small toys the eldest child has and store them away in ziplock bags or storage containers. Teach your child that these small items can only come out when the baby is sleeping or tucked away in the playpen and must be put away. Always teach your child not to give anything, even food, to a young child. If your child is old enough, small toys can also be regulated to being in their bedroom only.

Don’t forget to check the size of play food. Many of the extra items like plastic hot dogs and french fries are the perfect shape for baby to stick in her mouth and choke. If these toys are kept in a common play area, it’s best to pack those small items away until the baby is old enough that it’s no longer a hazard. Remember, your life has just gotten that much busier and you want your baby to be able to roam and play in a safe place without 24 hours surveillance. Moms have to be able to relax sometime.

My personal recommendation is anything smaller than a baby’s hand should be put up or away. Anything smaller than that they can still shove in their mouth and get it stuck even if they may not swallow or choke on it.

Always check under cushions and couches for food. Be vigilant where your child wanders off with food or sippy cups. Make sure sippy cups always come back to the kitchen each day to be cleaned. The last thing you want is your baby finding a day old cup of juice or milk and drinking it. Of course, you can avoid this by ensuring your child only eats or drinks at the table but our house is more relaxed than that.

Make sure stickers, labels and craft items are well out of reach for the older child. Teach them they are to be only used under supervision. This not only prevents your house from being decorated by stickers etc that could damage your walls but it also prevents baby from picking up and consuming them.

Particularly look out for those clear size labels that come affixed to clothing and shoes. My son once choked on a thick clear plastic sticker because my older child had given him a rubber kid shoe to chew on. I thought it harmless until I heard him choking and realized there were size stickers stuck on the heel. Needless to say, I felt like a pretty stupid mom. I wasn’t able to get the sticker out and can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been on his stomach/bowels.

Being organized and regularly sweeping and vacuuming will avert many potential disasters. Supervision and ongoing spot checks will further ensure the safety of your children. Remember that it is not just about what your baby will put in their mouth, it is also about what your older child may attempt to feed their sibling. Motherhood is always about being alert!